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Review of the year: 2017's most popular stories Dec 19, 2017

We take a look at some of the most popular articles published on medicalphysicsweb in the last year.

Research & Innovation news

3D printed scaffold replicates metastasis

A 3D printed model moves a step closer to the accurate reproduction of peritoneal metastasis.

More accurate dosimetry for electronic brachytherapy

A new Monte Carlo model calculates absolute doses delivered by kilovoltage intra-operative X-ray sources.

'Heart-on-a-chip' process could speed up drug testing

Flash physics: an automated fabrication scheme could speed the creation of 'heart-on-a-chip' platforms to test new drugs.

Stem cell exosomes repair cartilage damage

Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes provide a promising approach for cartilage regeneration.

UC Davis group reports progress on total-body PET/CT

UC Davis researchers report continued progress on their development of a total-body PET/CT scanner.

Ultramicroelectrodes deliver reliable neural recording

Neural recording and stimulation arrays with tiny shanks decrease tissue damage and reduce foreign body response.

PET tracer measures demyelination in mice

Flash physics: a novel PET tracer can image demyelination in mouse models of multiple sclerosis.

LET-based plans optimize proton therapy

Incorporating LET criteria directly into intensity-modulated proton therapy plans could help realize the full potential of proton therapy.

Prompt gamma imaging meets error challenges

A prompt gamma imaging slit camera can detect of global and local range shifts under close-to-clinical conditions.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from MIT, Myocardial Solutions, Philips and more.

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IOP Biomedical Journals


Our pick of the best articles recently published in the IOP biomedical journals.

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Independent Monte-Carlo dose calculation for MLC based CyberKnife radiotherapy January 15, 2018

P-H Mackeprang, D Vuong, W Volken, D Henzen, D Schmidhalter, M Malthaner, S Mueller, D Frei, M F M Stampanoni, A Dal Pra, D M Aebersold, M K Fix & P Manser 2018 Phys. Med. Biol. 63 015015

A Brownian dynamics tumor progression simulator with application to glioblastoma January 5, 2018

Rebecca L Klank, Steven S Rosenfeld & David J Odde 2018 Converg. Sci. Phys. Oncol. 4 015001

Fluorescence detection, enumeration and characterization of single circulating cells in vivo: technology, applications and future prospects December 18, 2017

Carolin Hartmann, Roshani Patil, Charles P Lin & Mark Niedre 2018 Phys. Med. Biol. 63 01TR01


This channel comprises content supplied by vendors.

ARIA 15.1, The Security Release: Putting Data Security Front and Center

Varian is addressing the issue of tighter cyber security with ARIA® 15.1 - primarily a "security" release of the company's oncology information system.

Unleashing the power of proton therapy with machine learning

Varian's RapidPlan can help clinicians unleash the power of proton therapy.

Harmonize your treatment planning with RayStation 6

RayStation® 6, the latest release of RaySearch's innovative radiation therapy treatment planning system, adds significant new functionality and a wide range of general improvements. Major additions include support for Accuray TomoTherapy™ systems.

White papers

Lung treatment with pencil beam scanning at the Texas Center for Proton Therapy

A Proton therapy case study from IBA.

Multi-criteria optimization for helical tomotherapy

A white paper from RaySearch Laboratories.

Automatic gating in respiratory motion management

How Response™ controls gated treatment deliveries in the Elekta digital linear accelerator.


This channel includes some content supplied by vendors.

ABAS 2.0

QUASAR MRID3D Geometric Distortion Analysis System

The QUASAR MRID3D from Modus QA is a new way to quantify MRI distortion for the entire 3D volume.

View the video

ABAS 2.0


Multi-modular phantom for dosimetry and beyond.

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ABAS 2.0

myQA Patients software demonstration

A webinar demonstrating IBA Dosimetry's myQA Patients software.

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ABAS 2.0

Efficient and accurate patient QA with Dolphin

Ramesh Boggula, Senior Physicist at IBA Dosimetry, discusses Dolphin patient QA.

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