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Talking Point

Extending ultrasound to combat cancer Oct 13, 2017

Imperial College team focuses on boosting the performance of point-of-care ultrasound systems.

Research & Innovation news

From photo, to 3D model, through to wound healing

A novel approach to chronic wound healing combines image analysis with 3D modelling and bioprinting.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from the University of California, Siemens, MIT and more.

Machine learning predicts breast cancer risk

Flash physics: a machine learning model can identify which breast lesions are likely to become cancerous with 97% accuracy.

Evaluating skin dose from the MRI-Linac

The MRI-Linac's magnetic field increases skin dose, but this can be mitigated by using a larger number of beam angles.

Optical trap reveals molecular tension

Experiments with single biomolecules show that an important protein for cell movement can become stronger when it is pulled apart.

Magnetic field fluctuations detect arterial pulse

A magnetic transducer that can detect arterial pulse and pulse velocity shows promise for cuffless blood pressure measurements.

Novel method reveals protein interactions in membranes

A new method can determine the interaction surfaces of important drug targets within biological membranes.

CT radiation dose tracking reveals global disparities

Swiss study reveals substantial differences around the world in the radiation dose being used for CT scans.

Portable scanner monitors babies' brain activity

Flash Physics: a portable functional ultrasound set-up non-invasively monitors brain activity in newborns.

Where will oxygen ion therapy help the most?

Researchers determine the conditions under which tumours could benefit most from oxygen ion therapy.

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IOP Biomedical Journals


Our pick of the best articles recently published in the IOP biomedical journals.

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Deep convolutional neural network with transfer learning for rectum toxicity prediction in cervical cancer radiotherapy: a feasibility study October 16, 2017

Xin Zhen, Jiawei Chen, Zichun Zhong, Brian Hrycushko, Linghong Zhou, Steve Jiang, Kevin Albuquerque and Xuejun Gu 2017 Phys. Med. Biol. 62 8246–8263

Performance of a SiPM based semi-monolithic scintillator PET detector October 9, 2017

Xianming Zhang, Xiaohui Wang, Ning Ren, Zhonghua Kuang, Xinhan Deng, Xin Fu, San Wu, Ziru Sang, Zhanli Hu, Dong Liang, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng & Yongfeng Yang 2017 Phys. Med. Biol. 62 7889–7904

Cancer as a disorder of patterning information: computational and biophysical perspectives on the cancer problem October 2, 2017

Douglas Moore, Sara I Walker & Michael Levin 2017 Converg. Sci. Phys. Oncol. 3 043001


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ARIA 15.1, The Security Release: Putting Data Security Front and Center

Varian is addressing the issue of tighter cyber security with ARIA® 15.1 - primarily a "security" release of the company's oncology information system.

Unleashing the power of proton therapy with machine learning

Varian's RapidPlan can help clinicians unleash the power of proton therapy.

Harmonize your treatment planning with RayStation 6

RayStation® 6, the latest release of RaySearch's innovative radiation therapy treatment planning system, adds significant new functionality and a wide range of general improvements. Major additions include support for Accuray TomoTherapy™ systems.

White papers

Lung treatment with pencil beam scanning at the Texas Center for Proton Therapy

A Proton therapy case study from IBA.

Multi-criteria optimization for helical tomotherapy

A white paper from RaySearch Laboratories.

Automatic gating in respiratory motion management

How Response™ controls gated treatment deliveries in the Elekta digital linear accelerator.


This channel includes some content supplied by vendors.

ABAS 2.0

Protect your records. Protect your clinic.

Watch this video to see how Varian Medical Systems is fighting data compromises.

View the video

ABAS 2.0

myQA Patients software demonstration

A webinar demonstrating IBA Dosimetry's myQA Patients software.

View the video

ABAS 2.0

Efficient and accurate patient QA with Dolphin

Ramesh Boggula, Senior Physicist at IBA Dosimetry, discusses Dolphin patient QA.

View the video