Tumor blood volume and vascular permeability are well established indicators of tumor angiogenesis and important predictors in cancer diagnosis, planning, and treatment. In this work, we establish a novel preclinical imaging protocol which allows quantitative measurement of both metrics simultaneously. First, gold nanoparticles are injected and allowed to extravasate into the tumor, and then liposomal iodine nanoparticles are injected. Combining dual energy micro-CT with a novel post-reconstruction filtration scheme, we are able to decompose the results into 3D iodine and gold maps with high sensitivity, allowing simultaneous measurement of extravasated gold and intravascular iodine concentrations. Using a primary mouse model of soft-tissue sarcoma, we then demonstrate the in vivo application of the protocol to measure fractional blood volume and vascular permeability over the course of five days of active tumor growth.

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