SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, 4 June 2011 – MILabs, B.V. the Netherlands-based innovator and manufacturer of pre-clinical SPECT/PET/CT imaging devices used in biological and pharmaceutical research today announces simultaneous SPECT/PET breakthrough technology and unmatched system performance achieved with a revolutionary, new pinhole collimator design. Superior in vivo results are demonstrated by investigators in cardiac, neuro and tumor research.

The MILabs VECTor system is the world’s first true simultaneous SPECT/PET preclinical molecular imaging device which also delivers un-matched sub-mm resolution. This performance is realized with novel patented "clustered" multi-pinhole collimator technology optimized for up to 511keV energies utilizing clusters of narrow pinholes combined with broad band detectors and advanced image reconstruction. No other microSPECT/PET/CT device can provide this unique technology combination, dramatically expanding the functionality of the base system. VECTor is also available as an upgrade to the base U-SPECT-II. By simply replacing the collimator the VECTor is turned into an uncompromised U-SPECT-II.

The superior system performance of the MILabs U-SPECT-II base system is in part achieved through the patented "Focused" multi-pinhole cylindrical collimators. The resolution, sensitivity and FOV of the U-SPECT-II system depends on the selected collimator. Researchers can choose between several collimators based on the size of the animal to be scanned and the preferred resolution and sensitivity for the particular application. MILabs can also design and manufacture specific custom made collimators in close collaboration with the user.

A wide range of collimators is available dedicated for ultra-high resolution and ultra-sensitive imaging. These collimators are easily interchangeable to optimize the system for your challenging research. In 2011 MILabs is also introducing a SPECT collimator for medium size animals, such as rabbits.

"We are excited to deliver to our customers the high performance, simultaneous SPECT/PET capabilities of the VECTor utilizing our patented multi-pinhole technology which is in response to investigators requests for improved PET resolution and novel imaging functionalities," indicated Professor Frederik Beekman, CEO/CSO of MILabs. "Results with the system confirm the potential for new, advanced research applications which will have a positive impact particularly in the areas of neurodegenerative disease, cardiac disease and oncology applications, Beekman further stated.

About MILabs, B.V. – Providing Small Details for Big Discoveries

MILabs develops and markets premium imaging systems for preclinical biological and pharmaceutical research. MILabs was founded by Prof. Frederik Beekman, who designed the first U-SPECT, a SPECT-system for small animals with ultra-high resolution. Images made with this system were chosen as ‘Animal Image of the Year’ by the Society of Nuclear Medicine in 2004 and the U-SPECT technology received many international awards since then. Furthermore there have been a series of new developments that dramatically improved performance and user friendliness. This marked the start for the development and the marketing of a comprehensive line of preclinical imaging systems designed by MILabs. The company’s first commercial breakthrough came in 2007, and since then MILabs has shown rapid worldwide growth. Most recently MILabs introduced VECTor, which stands for Versatile Emission Computed Tomography (simultaneous sub (half) mm SPECT and PET) and recently received the Frost & Sullivan product innovation award. This technique is a breakthrough with regard to complete user friendliness, cost effectiveness, and opens many novel ways to perform multi-probe biological imaging.