NORTH BRANFORD, CT, 28 March 2012 – Precision X-Ray Inc. (PXi), the leader in biological specimen cabinet irradiators and radiation research systems, is now offering translational research laboratories a small animal image-guided radiotherapy system (IGRT). The X-RAD 225Cx combines high-accuracy cone beam CT imaging and high-dose orthovoltage radiation treatment in a single, fully-shielded platform.

"Advances in our understanding of the molecular biology of cancer requires more precise tools to study radiation induced effects commonly used in translational research," said Peter A. Rowland, Vice President, Research and Development, Precision X-Ray, Inc. "The X-RAD 225Cx is similar to clinical systems in that the specimen remains stationary, and the apparatus moves a full 360 degrees around the target. This allows complex 3D image guided treatments to be quickly completed with accuracies not previously possible."

The isocentric design has a three-axis controlled specimen stage, a radially-mounted X-ray Tube and 8" digital detector that enable high-performance cone-beam CT soft-tissue imaging of the subject in situ prior to irradiation. The treatment couch is mounted on a quick- release frame allowing specimens to be moved between other imaging modalities without repositioning the specimen in a holding fixture. "Cross platform fixtures reduce specimen handling and improves co-registered image quality." Rowland said. "The X-RAD 225Cx allows you to import DICOM files from other imaging modalities, and with advanced image registration tools, fuse the images for better boundary definition. This promotes more accurate treatment planning and improved tumor targeting"

A full set of conformal treatment collimators are available in various round and non-round field sizes that provide sharp edge definition of the treatment area, thereby avoiding damage to non-targeted structures. The compact 360o rotational gantry is housed within a fully shielded cabinet with numerous safety features that limits external radiation exposure to levels well below international limits.

System operation, Image acquisition, reconstruction, and targeting are controlled by the Pilot® Application and Workstation. Database tools allow image sets and treatment protocols to be quickly recalled and shared with other users on the same platform or with other X-RAD 225Cx users around the world.

The X-RAD 225Cx is also now available in a higher-power version with 33 percent more output power. This will provide even higher dose rates or deeper penetrating doses than previously possible.

In addition to offering a full line of X-ray irradiation systems and options for applications including pharmaceutical, scientific and preclinical research, PXi is well known for providing the highest quality and most reliable systems available. They are committed to customer service, and offer field and in-house service and free lifetime telephone support. PXi also offers preventative maintenance contracts to ensure that customers' equipment is calibrated and operating at peak performance. For more information, please call 203.484.2011.

About Precision X-Ray
North Branford, CT-based Precision X-Ray (PXi) is the leader in small-animal cabinet irradiators and radiotherapy research systems worldwide. PXi provides easy-to-operate, reliable, safe and cost-effective X-ray imaging and X-ray irradiation systems for applications in translational, industrial, and pharmaceutical research. The company actively develops new applications in these markets and designs new equipment to meet customer applications needs.

Customers of Precision X-Ray include prestigious hospitals, medical schools, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, government and major independent research facilities around the globe. For more information, please visit or call 203.484.2011.