NORTH BRANFORD, CONN, 5 February 2013 – Precision X-Ray Inc. (PXi), the leader in biological specimen cabinet irradiators and radiation research systems, in collaboration with Maastro Clinic, one of Europe's leading cancer centers, is now offering the industry’s first precision treatment planning software (TPS) application developed specifically for small animal research using the X-RAD 225Cx IGRT system.

“SmART-Plan was developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts on small animal IGRT and Monte Carlo simulation techniques,” said Peter Rowland, vice president, director R&D, Precision X-Ray, Inc. “PXi is thrilled to offer this advanced treatment planning tool for use in translational research, with dose visualization tools typically found only in clinical planning software, but at a substantially lower cost.”

Designed specifically for the PXi X-RAD 225Cx Small Animal Image Guided Irradiator, SmART-Plan is the most advanced TPS for small animal small IGRT research, providing a modularized graphical user interface (GUI) to assist in the planning of complex 3-D conformal radiation treatments. Calculation of 3-D dose distributions are performed using globally accepted Monte Carlo simulation techniques used in clinics around the world.

Beam placement and dose visualization tools allow simulated beams to be overlaid onto the CT images for better phase-space visualization and more accurate planning. Treatment Planning, Monte Carlo Simulation, Dose Visualization, and Plan Export to the X-RAD 225Cx IGRT platform are all included in this advanced yet cost-effective solution. For a video demonstration, please visit

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