Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide.1 Clearly, a definitive diagnosis makes a world of difference. But patient management doesn't begin and end there.

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The sophistication of today's IMRT and VMAT techniques can help raise your standard of radiation treatment plans. But many organizations have found that creating these complex plans is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It's a task that often forces a trade-off between clinical performance and efficiency.

Need to choose between fast plans or excellent plans? With the help of new Pinnacle3 Auto-Planning you can have both! It is designed to simplify and accelerate the IMRT and VMAT planning process - and put consistent results at your fingertips. Smart automation tools, a progressive optimization algorithm, and Scorecards help you create high-quality plans on the first pass while streamlining your plan approval process.

Tapping the real power of MR simulation? Revolutionize your simulation approach in just a few minutes with MR-only simulation from Philips. It's the result of our close collaboration with clinicians, and it's ready to be a part of your clinical routines for prostate cancer treatment planning. Obtain excellent soft-tissue contrast and robust 3D density maps in one MR imaging session - along with workflow descriptions and tailored training support to help you adopt this new treatment paradigm. This technology gives you more options for prostate cancer treatment - and helps your department use MR as a primary imaging modality.

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*MR-only simulator not yet for sale. This material is not for distribution/use in the USA.

1 World Cancer Research Fund International. Prostate cancer statistics.