From that point on, the barriers between these distinct yet interconnected disciplines have been in retreat, with physical, biological and clinical scientists gradually getting to grips with each others respective rules of engagement. By the same token, the intersect between physics and medicine, in particular, has proved fertile ground for technology transfer and innovation. Industry engineers have taken the cross-disciplinary mantra to heart, put it on a firm commercial footing and, in so doing, forged a thriving global business for medical diagnostics and therapeutics that's worth tens of billions of dollars in equipment revenues every year.

From a publishing perspective, it's our hope that medicalphysicsweb will play some small part in further encouraging the spirit of multidisciplinary collaboration that has come to define the medical physics community. Put simply, medicalphysicsweb is here to make your job easier. Whether you're a hospital physicist, a university researcher, a development engineer or a senior executive, our aim is to give you the inside track on the fundamental science, engineering and clinical applications that will ultimately underpin future advances in patient diagnosis and treatment.

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