Longer term, it's our hope that medicalphysicsweb will play a central role in encouraging the spirit of multidisciplinary collaboration that has come to define the medical physics community. Put simply, medicalphysicsweb is here to make your job easier - to give you the inside track on the fundamental science, engineering and clinical applications that will ultimately underpin future advances in patient diagnosis and treatment.

So far so encouraging on that score. The fact is, though, that a news website like medicalphysicsweb is always work in progress. Next year, the priority for the editorial team is to further enhance the content offering. As part of that development process, we'd love to get your feedback on what we're doing well - and, more importantly, what you think we could be doing better. If you've got any constructive suggestions, just drop me a note - in confidence - to joe.mcentee@iop.org.

For reference, there will be no new stories posted on the site during Christmas week. Normal service will resume the week beginning 1 January, with the first newswire of 2007 scheduled to go out 8 January. In the meantime, from all of the team here at medicalphysicsweb, we'd like to wish our readers and advertisers a happy and safe holiday season.