According to Acceleware, AxRecon works with existing cone-beam CT scanners to eliminate image-reconstruction bottlenecks by "significantly speeding up filtered back-projection computations...while reducing the energy use and physical footprint of high-performance computing systems".

The vendor claims that this capability enables medical and commercial users - in areas like nondestructive testing and security - to accelerate the reconstruction of their data and enhance the quality of their images without disrupting their current workflows.

The AxRecon solution combines Acceleware's proprietary software acceleration libraries with the massively parallel processing power of NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units - a combination the vendor claims will "dramatically increase the speed of sophisticated computations". What's more, Acceleware reckons AxRecon "seamlessly integrates" with existing CT scanners with minimal setup.

"The benefits of higher throughput and image quality that are already being realized by early customers of AxRecon will help us drive adoption of this product within the broader imaging market," added Sean Krakiwsky, CEO of Acceleware.

• More information on AxRecon, including customer case studies and white papers, are available here.