The medal was presented to Webb last week at the Congrès SFPM-EFOMP, the conference of the French Medical Physics Society and EFOMP in Strasbourg, France. This highly prestigious medal is usually given as a "lifetime achievement" award. Every year, the president of each of EFOMP's National Member Organisation is entitled to nominate just one candidate. Only three awards have been made previously, the last of which was to Dietrich Harder in 2008.

"I am delighted and highly honoured to have been awarded the EFOMP silver medal," Webb told medicalphysicsweb. "This is a huge acknowledgement of my lifetime's work for which I am very grateful to EFOMP. It is of course as much for the Joint Department of Physics in the Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital as it is for me. I want to thank those organizations for the wonderful research, clinical and teaching opportunities that they gave me for many decades."

Alongside the award, Webb was invited to give the EFOMP Medal Lecture at the Congrès SFPM-EFOMP. His presentation was entitled "New technology for image-guided radiation therapy and for IMRT delivery, including compensating for organ motion".

"One of the roles of EFOMP is to recognize those scientists in Europe who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of medical physics," commented EFOMP's president Peter Sharp. "Many patients have benefited from Steve's scientific work in radiotherapy physics; generations of young physicists have been enthused by his teaching – particularly at the European School of Medical Physics that EFOMP supports – and his editorship of Physics in Medicine & Biology has raised the profile of the scientific contribution that physics makes to medicine. The Council of EFOMP was, therefore, unanimous in the view that the EFOMP medal should be awarded to Steve Webb."