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Key suppliers

Accuray 13-Nov-2006

Accuray is the premier radiation oncology company that develops, manufactures and sells personalized innovative treatment solutions that set the standard of care, with the aim of helping patients live longer, better lives.

Acceletronics, Inc 03-Sep-2008

Acceletronics specializes in the repair, refurbishing, remarketing and installation of high energy linear accelerators used in cancer therapy, research and industrial radiography.

Acceletronics, Inc 24-Mar-2014

Acceletronics provides 24/7/365 service support in many locations across the USA and around the world for most radiation oncology equipment, including the latest model linear accelerators.

Acceleware Corp. 16-Jul-2008

Acceleware develops acceleration products that bring unparalleled performance and speed to today's most challenging compute and data-intensive demands, reducing run times for data processing simulation applications by more than 50 times.

Aerojet 22-Mar-2010

Aerojet Specialty Metals manufactures depleted uranium and tungsten alloy based shielding products for industrial and medical applications. Our proprietary near net-shape processes deliver improved performance at a lower price.

Aerotech, Inc. 21-Jan-2013

Manufactures motion control components & systems including gantries; gimbals; linear/rotary air-bearing stages; linear/rotary/lift mechanical-bearing stages; brush/brushless servomotors and drives; and software-based stand-alone motion controllers.

Agescan International Inc. 11-Apr-2016

Agescan International Inc. has been manufactured and supplied quality tungsten alloy radiation shielding in different specs. Our tungsten products are widely used in PET rooms, linear accelerators, HDR rooms, gamma knife, and nuclear power plants.

AGFA Europe nv 20-Jul-2006

Darkroom Equipment, Supplies; DICOM Compliant Systems; Film, Image Management; Film-Screen Systems, Cassettes, Viewers; Radiography.

AliMed, Inc. 25-Feb-2016

AliMed has manufactured and supplied medical products to all segments of the healthcare market since 1970. Alimed offers everything from operating room straps, radiation protection, patient positioning and handling solutions.

Alliance Oncology 13-Feb-2008

Alliance Oncology is a US-based company specializing in construction and operation of modern outpatient radiotherapy centres. We partner with local hospitals or physicians to bring high-quality radiotherapy to the community.

American Applied Materials Corporation 19-Dec-2014

American Applied Materials specializes in developing and manufacturing high performance permanent magnets for a wide range of applications. Our rare earth magnets are widely used in MRI and other medical devices.

AMPTEK Inc. 23-Apr-2008

Amptek is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art nuclear instrumentation for X-ray and Gamma ray detection, laboratories, analytical research, portable instrumentation, and satellites.

Anatom-e 21-Jul-2009

Anatom-e XRT Information Systems is a target delineation system that speeds up contouring and fine tunes accuracy in IMRT. Anatom-e offers the most complete and detailed understanding of lymphatics and anatomical structure.

ANUKA SERVICES Pvt.Ltd. 19-Feb-2013

We provide consultancy services in setting up Medical Cyclotron faclity in India. We provide end to end soultion for nuclear medicine like gamma camera & PET-CT centers with supply of hot lab accesories and radiopharmaceuticals.

Anzai Medical Company Ltd 30-Jun-2016

ANZAI MEDICAL CO., LTD. develops and supplies medical equipment for patients and medical institutions worldwide. Respiratory gating systems to minimize motion artifact that occurs in imaging and for gated RadioTherapy Treatments.

Apredica 15-Sep-2008

Preclinical contract testing services for the evaluation and optimization of the ADME Tox and Pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates early in the drug-discovery process.

AQUILAB 17-Aug-2011

AQUILAB develops innovative software solutions to improve quality and precision of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy treatments. ARTISCAN is dedicated to automated analysis of QA Phantoms. ARTIVIEW is used to prepare and evaluate RT plans.

Arcoma AB 21-Jul-2006


Array Corporation Europe 21-Jul-2006

DICOM Compliant Systems; Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Film, Image Management; Radiography.

ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. 09-Feb-2007

ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. is a leader in optical molecular imaging products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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