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C-RAD Inc. 07-Feb-2013

Products from C-RAD are distinguished by a high level of innovation achieved by close collaboration with prominent research institutes and by developing a high level of competence within key areas such as software development in radiation physics.

Calutech Mobile Solutions 21-Jul-2006

Custom built medical trailers for CT, PET/CT and MRIs.

Calypso Medical Technologies 10-Nov-2006

Electromagnetic transponders to locate, track and monitor tumor motion during radiation therapy delivery.

Canon Europa N.V. 21-Jul-2006

DICOM Compliant Systems; Radiography.

Carestream Health 20-Dec-2007

Carestream Health provides medical and dental imaging systems and information technology solutions; molecular imaging systems; and non-destructive testing products to a broad base of customers around the world.

CD Genomics 01-Feb-2011

CD Genomics is the Genomics services company that you can rely on. We specialize in the services of DNA sequencing, genotyping and DNA library construction.

Cerner Deutschland GmbH 21-Jul-2006

DICOM Compliant Systems; Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Film, Image Management.

China Netbook 17-Aug-2009

Research and development of computer scinence.spiecialized in <a href=>netbook</a> technologies.

CHISON Medical Imaging Co Ltd 21-Jul-2006



CHISON Medical Imaging CO., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ultrasound systems.

Churchill Consulting , a division of Crux Quality Solutions 13-May-2016

"The mission is to deliver the highest quality clinical and technical services to our clients in a professional, caring and compassionate manner." Churchill Consulting is a nationwide provider of Radiation Oncology consulting services.

CIRS 25-Nov-2010

CIRS is recognized world wide for tissue simulation technology and is the leader in the manufacture of phantoms and simulators for quantitative densitometry, calibration, quality control and research in the field of medical imaging and radiotherapy.

CIVCO Radiotherapy 05-Jan-2012

CIVCO focuses on designing, manufacturing and distributing products that improve outcomes for providers and patients around the world through high quality, innovative radiotherapy products.

Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology NHS Foundation Trust 26-Jun-2007

CCO is a large, well equipped Radiotherapy centre, with 9 linear accelerators and a cyclotron for proton therapy. The Physics department has a small, rapidly expanding research group.

CMS 19-Sep-2007

CMS, Inc. is a world leader in the development and support of radiation treatment software.

CodeSScientific 26-Oct-2009

CodeSScientific is focused on publishing and providing high quality Scientific Codes (SCODS) to students, researchers, scientists and engineers in universities, research labs, government organisations, private companies and corporations.

Codonics 21-Jul-2006

CT; Darkroom Equipment, Supplies; DICOM Compliant Systems; Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Film, Image Management; Film-Screen Systems, Cassettes, Viewers; Magnetic Resonance; Nuclear Medicine; Radiography; Ultrasound.

Coherent, Inc. 28-Sep-2006

World's largest laser manufacturer serves wide range of commercial/industrial, medical instrumentation, and scientific applications. Offers 100+ different models of lasers, plus precision optics and related laser measurement and control devices.

ConnectZone 04-Dec-2017

Connectzone supplies Fiber Optics , Cable , Data Cabinets , Custom Cables

ContextVision 21-Jul-2006

CT; DICOM Compliant Systems; Film, Image Management; Film-Screen Systems, Cassettes, Viewers; Magnetic Resonance; Radiography; Ultrasound.

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