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Key suppliers

Elekta, Inc. 18-Mar-2009

Elekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders.

e2v technologies 16-Aug-2006

e2v designs and manufactures compact modulator systems, magnetrons and thyratrons, fitted as original equipment in the world's leading linear accelerators. e2v also manufactures image sensors for digital radiography, X-ray imaging and fluoroscopy.

Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre 02-Dec-2008

Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre (ECRC). The Centre has several main themes; clinical research, basic research and integrative cancer care research.

Eizo Nanao Corporation 21-Jul-2006

Darkroom Equipment, Supplies; DICOM Compliant Systems; Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Film-Screen Systems, Cassettes, Viewers; QA/QC, Radiation Safety; Radiography.

ELCAN Optical Technologies 12-Oct-2007

ELCAN Optical Technologies is a fully integrated provider of precision optical and electronic solutions for industrial, medical, defense and commercial customers.

Elekta Limited 18-Nov-2010

Elekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders.

Elliot Scientific Ltd. 16-Jul-2008

Elliot Scientific is a major UK based distributor/ manufacturer of scientific products serving the global science research and industrial communities. We are keen to help and we pride ourselves in offering Solution Science for Research & Industry.

EMD Technologies INC. 21-Jul-2006

Radiography; Therapeutic Radiology.

EMF Services 09-Sep-2013

EMF Services provides non-ionising radiation measurements and advisory services.

Emsys Corporation 19-Dec-2007

Develops and Markets a Record & Verify QA system.

EPIdos s.r.o. 05-May-2011

EPIdos offers Epiqa - software for Portal Dosimetry to enhance your EPID to full functionality for RapidArc QA (patient plan and machine commissioning), IMRT QA and Machine QA (symmetry, flatness and energy). Epiqa is based on GLAaS algorithm.

Epistem Ltd 15-Mar-2013

Epistem is a biotechnology company with expertise in epithelial tissues. Epistem delivers preclinical efficacy testing, histology and immunohistochemistry services and cell biology expertise in oncology, mucositis, inflammation and wound healing.

EquipNet, Inc. 19-Dec-2014

EquipNet's marketplace includes used medical equipments such as heart lung perfusionist machine, ultrasound imaging system, liposuction unit, respirator, universal safety and compliance medical equipment patient lead tester, and many others.

ESAOTE S.p.A. 21-Jul-2006

Magnetic Resonance; Ultrasound.

ESL Defence Limited 13-Feb-2007

ESL is a UK company, wholly owned by AAI Corporation, with specialist expertise in electronic warfare and electro-optic technology.

esprimed 26-Oct-2012

Esprimed is a medical physics company dedicated to medical imaging. The main mission of esprimed is to provide tools and expertise to improve the dose/image quality balance by developing state-of-the-art clinical and scientific expertise.

Etech Industry Co.,Ltd. 12-Sep-2013

Professional manufacturer of thermoplastic mask for radiotherapy immobilization, competitive price and good quality level

ETIAM 21-Jul-2006

DICOM Compliant Systems; Educational Products, Literature; Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Film, Image Management; Film-Screen Systems, Cassettes, Viewers.

Evergreen Fiber Optic Cable, Inc. 25-Jan-2010

Research,development and supply of high speed fiber optic transceivers and fiber optic cables.


Our company create new teaching skills as video films, powerpoint presentations and software. Intravital microscopy and direct blood pressure are presented for research and teaching use.

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