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Key suppliers

IBA Dosimetry 02-Aug-2010

IBA Dosimetry is the world leader in innovative Quality Assurance solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize errors in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging.

IBA - Ion Beam Applicattions 08-Mar-2017

BA (Ion Beam Applications SA) is a medical technology company based in Belgium.It employs about 1500 people in 40 locations. The company is active in the field of proton therapy, dosimetry, radiopharma, industrial sterilization and ionization

IBA Proton Therapy 13-Apr-2011

IBA develops and markets leading-edge technologies, pharmaceuticals and tailor-made solutions for healthcare with a focus on cancer diagnosis and therapy. Leveraging on its scientific expertise.

iCRco, Inc. 12-Mar-2007

iCRco, Inc. is a provider of Digital Imaging Solutions for Medical and Industrial applications. Since 1990, our company has developed and manufactured hardware and software products for image acquisition, processing, presenting, managing and storing.

Image Diagnost International GmbH 21-Jul-2006

DICOM Compliant Systems; Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Film, Image Management; Film-Screen Systems, Cassettes, Viewers; Interventional Radiology, Special Procedures; Radiography.

Image Owl, Inc. 22-Dec-2015

Image Owl provides advanced image quality monitoring and analysis services employing a cloud -based data processing and storage.

Imaging Equipment Ltd 23-Sep-2011

Imaging Equipment Ltd specialises in the supply of equipment for the modern health physics environment. We represent a wide range of international manufacturers.

IMEDCO AG 20-Jul-2006

Magnetic Resonance

Infini Fiber Optic Cable, Inc 12-Oct-2009

Research and development of fiber optic technologies and equipment.

InitiaRT Medical Technologies 10-Dec-2007

InitiaRT develops manufactures and markets RT systems.Technology combines IGRT system and treatment planning software. With expertise in imaging, beam modulation and therapeutic software development,InitiaRT offers complete solutions for IGRT and SRS

InnerVision MRI Ltd 29-Jan-2007

Specialised MRI systems for diagnostics and research; orthopaedic MRI, neonatal MRI, lung MRI, special application MRI systems

Inrad Consultants Ltd 08-Nov-2010

Inrad Consultants Ltd provide high-quality, cost effective strategic training and consultancy in Radiation Science, Radiation Shielding, Radiation Dosimetry and Monte Carlo Simulation.

INSTICC - Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication 18-Jul-2011

The Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC) is an international scientific, non-profit association for the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine 07-Dec-2015

The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) is the Learned Society and professional organisation for physicists, clinical and biomedical engineers and technologists working in medicine and biology.

Integra Radionics 15-Aug-2006

Integra Radionics is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of advanced minimally-invasive medical instruments in the fields of neurosurgery and radiation therapy.

IntelLiDrives 25-Oct-2012

IntelLiDrives, Inc. manufactures linear actuators, XY tables and rotary tables

International Medical Movements Ltd 29-Jul-2008

IMM Ltd specialise in the logistical movements of Medical units throughout Europe. We have been established for 16 years and have vast experience in the movement of CT MRI and Pet units.

International Specialty Products 25-Nov-2008

ISP is the maker of the famous GAFCHROMIC radiochromic films. A film and imaging company for more than 160 years, its core products are specialty chemicals worldwide.

Interspectrum OU 08-Aug-2006

Interspectrum is developing and producing infrared and near infrared Fourier transform spectrometers in bench top, portable and module versions for scientific, industrial and medical applications

Invivo 21-Jul-2006

Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Interventional Radiology, Special Procedures; Magnetic Resonance.

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