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Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co.,LTD 05-Jan-2009

Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and producing Fusion Splicer, Fiber Cleaver, Laser Source, Fiber Connector, Optical Power Meter and Optical Coupler Manufacturing System etc.

NanoInk, Inc. 09-Apr-2009

NanoInk, Inc. is an emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing and applications development for the life science and semiconductor industries.

Nanoprobes, Inc. 02-Oct-2014

Nanoparticles: Nanogold conjugates and labeling reagents for immunolabeling, LM and EM, labels for correlative and fluorescence microscopy, enzyme metallography, magnetic NPs, gold and silver enhancement, and gold X-ray contrast agents for micro-CT.

NanoSight Limited 02-Jun-2009

NanoSight Ltd, of Salisbury, UK, is the world leading provider of instruments for the optical detection and real time analysis of sub-micron particles.

Nanotherics 04-Aug-2015

The magneThermâ„¢ system is a totally unique, very competitively priced device which enables magnetic fluid and nanoparticle heating / hyperthermia testing using an Alternating magnetic field calorimetric, in vitro and in vivo.

Naslund Medical Inc. 14-Feb-2018

Our product, Gold Anchor, is a fiducial marker for any soft tissue, e.g. lung, prostate, liver, pancreas, gyn, breast. Enables safe implantation through 22G or 25G needle and superior tissue attachment. Enhanced MRI visibility. Ideal for SBRT.

NCD Medical Corporation 21-Jul-2006

Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Digital Solutions,

NELCO 01-Dec-2010

Offer shielding for all medical modalities – products/services for expansions, upgrades, & new construction projects requiring radiation shielding (HDR, Linac, Proton Therapy, Industrial), diagnostic shielding (X-Ray, PET/CT), and MRI/RF shielding.

NeoRad AS 20-Jul-2006

CT; Interventional Radiology, Special Procedures; Magnetic Resonance.

NeuroLogica 08-Jan-2007

NeuroLogica Corporation is a neuro-science based imaging company, develops, manufactures and markets advanced medical imaging equipment

Non-Invasive Treatment for Myoma - MR guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery 18-Jul-2008

MRI guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery, or MRgFUS, treats myoma non-invasively in an out patient setting without the need for general anesthesia or hospitalization, greatly reducing recovery time and the risks of side effects.

Noras Roentgen- und Medizintechnik GmbH 20-Jul-2006

Interventional Radiology, Special Procedures; Magnetic Resonance.

nPoint Inc. 15-Mar-2013

nPoint designs and manufactures nanopositioning solutions to enhance and enable from new products to research. A standard catalog and custom design allow for integration of the latest in piezo stage technology.

Nucletron 17-Jun-2008

Nucletron is a knowledge-based leader in radiation oncology, working with clinical teams to realize innovative solutions that improve patient care. Nucletron strives to offer the best possible choice of treatment modality for the patient.

Nukmed Konstruktion 20-Jul-2009

We develop modern radiation-protection mechanisms for the medical field. We aim for the very highest quality and precision in all our projects.

NuLasers Ltd. 02-Apr-2007

NuLasers Ltd. expertise is very compact cooled laser diode modules and diode pumped lasers for direct use or OEM components in equipment for bioinstrumentation, imaging, inspection and metrology.

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