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Corporate partners

PTW 10-Aug-2009

PTW is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of clinical radiation dosimetry and quality control equipment.

Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd 29-May-2013

Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd is a manufacture of medical equipments in line with Radiotherapy & Radiology Products. Company is focused to deliver word-class products suitable to health care.

Panchromos Limited 26-Jun-2007

Panchromos undertakes product definition, design and engineering projects with and for clients. We focus on electro-opto-mechanical instrumentation for the laboratory and healthcare sectors.

Parascript, LLC 02-Sep-2009

Parascript is a developer of computer-aided-detection (CAD) software for medical imaging systems.

Particle Sciences 17-Feb-2015

Particle Sciences is a world leading contract drug development company located in Pennsylvania with over 20 years of experience. Contact us to see why leading pharmaceutical organizations choose us for their manufacturing and development needs.

PDE Solutions Inc 26-Nov-2007

FlexPDE is a 'scripted finite element model builder'. It reads systems of partial differential equations presented by the user, creates a finite element model of the system, solves it, and presents graphical output.

Perimed AB 12-Oct-2011

We manufacture instruments for real time assessement & diagnosis of micro & macro vascular blood perfusion & tissue oxygenation by laser Doppler monitoring (LDPM)& imaging (LDPI), laser speckle imaging (LASCA) & transcutaneous oxygen (tcpO2, TCOM).

PerkinElmer 09-Jan-2017

PerkinElmer is a leader of innovative preclinical imaging solutions including instruments, imaging agents, service and leading applications support.

PET Imaging Physics Group, Brookhaven National Laboratory 07-Mar-2008

Development of novel instrumentation and methods for positron emission tomography imaging.

PharmaCadence Analytical Services, LLC 08-Jul-2009

PharmaCadence is a bioanalytical CRO that performs contracted target-based quantitative and qualitative analysis. PharmaCadence also offers over sixty years of pharmaceutical industry expertise in the form of training seminars and consultations.

Philips Medical Systems 20-Jul-2006

CT; DICOM Compliant Systems; Film, Image Management; Interventional Radiology, Special Procedures; Magnetic Resonance; Nuclear Medicine; Radiography; Ultrasound

Philips Radiation Oncology Systems (PROS) 18-Nov-2015

Creating a healthier future, together At Philips, we look beyond technology to the experiences of patients, providers and caregivers across the health continuum.

Photon Control 09-Aug-2007

Photon Control's family of optical sensors offers the highest performance-to-price ratio in the industry. Simply put, our sensors outperform the competition, and cost less.

Photon Lines Ltd 27-Sep-2007

Distributor supplying a range of CCD, CMOS, streak and intensified cameras for low light level and high speed imaging applications. Also lasers and sources for life sciences, military, semiconductor and scientific research.

Photonic Science Limited 14-Apr-2008

cameras, high-speed cameras, low-light-level cameras, UV CCD cameras CCDs (charge-coupled devices) CCDs, intensified neutron detectors x-ray cameras, gated x-ray detectors, CCD x-ray imaging systems

Photonics Marketing Co. 29-Jan-2007

Sales and Marketing company in photonics Laser, optics, Photonics, Imaging,

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. Piezo Nanopositioning 17-Dec-2008

PI: Leading, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of Nanofocus / Nanopositioning Devices, and Precision Ceramic Actuators for Scanning Microscopy and 3D Microscopy and Precision Motion Control.

Pi Medical 25-Jul-2008

Pi Medical is a private high-technology company located in Athens, Greece. Our activities focus in the area of radiation oncology. We carry out R&D for cancer treatment, trading of high-technology medical devices and consulting.

Pie Medical Imaging bv 20-Jul-2006

DICOM Compliant Systems; Interventional Radiology, Special Procedures; Radiography.

Piezo Technologies 15-Jan-2014

Piezo Technologies, a Meggitt PLC Company, is an innovator in ultrasound in medicine. Our designs are integrated into medical devices providing bubble discrimination, counterfeit detection, tissue ablation, bone healing and therapeutic applications.

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