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Corporate partners

Varian Medical Systems International AG 09-Jan-2009

Varian Medical Systems’ mission is to focus energy on saving lives. To meet this challenge, we equip the world with new tools for fighting cancer, taking X-ray images, and protecting ports and borders.

VacuTec Messtechnik GmbH 18-Jul-2006

Nuclear Medicine; QA/QC, Radiation Safety; Radiography.

Vacuum Services Ltd 27-Jan-2010

As we are a manufacturing facility we can offer the complete solution to your Vacuum Requirements. We have control of your product from raw material to finished component.

Varian Medical Systems - Imaging Components 30-Oct-2015

Varian’s Imaging Components group is the world’s largest independent supplier of medical X-ray tubes, and also manufactures flat panel digital detectors and image processing software for X-ray imaging.

Varian Medical Systems Particle Therapy 30-Nov-2010

The use of proton therapy to treat cancerous tumors is a major technological advance of our time.

Vayray Fiber Optic Cable, Inc. 18-May-2009

Research and development of fiber optic modules,integrated optical components and connection equipment.

Veritas Medical Solutions 15-Apr-2010

Pre-engineered radiation shielding and door systems for the construction of therapy suites, from large proton therapy centers to high dose rooms and everything in between. Specific room designs for all major machine types, energies and modalities.

Vertilon Corporation 13-Oct-2014

Data acquisition systems for multi-anode photomultiplier tubes, silicon photomultipliers, SiPMs, MPPCs, & APD arrays. Systems up to 128 channels for applications such as positron emission tomography (PET), SPECT, gamma cameras, & particle physics.

VIDAR Systems Corporation 18-Jul-2006

Electronics, Information Systems/Services; Film, Image Management; Radiography; Therapeutic Radiology.

Villa Sistemi Medicali S.p.A. 18-Jul-2006


Vision RT Ltd 25-Apr-2007

Vision RT Ltd manufactures a range of products for radiotherapy applications based on 3D surface imaging technology. These include AlignRT®, for patient positioning and 3D surveillance. GateCT® and GateCT®, for 4D CT and gating (work in progress).

Visiopharm 10-Jul-2007

Providers of automated systems for image analysis and stereology. Leaders in turining images in knowledge.

Vista Therapeutics, Inc 07-Jun-2016

We measure biomarkers via silicon nanowire sensing. Real-time, continuous flow and label free over 5 logs concentration range, 10s of fg/mL for proteins and nucleic acids, single virions for viruses. In multiple media including whole blood.


Vivid Imaging is an Authorized Medical equipment and Multi-vendor service provider for MRI Coils, Contrast Injector Systems, Medical Device Repair and logistics.

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