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Multimodal themes shape the BiOS agenda

A multimodality approach to diagnostics and therapeutics was one of the defining themes at the recent Biomedical Optics Symposium in San Jose, California.

In biomedical optics, all roads lead to San Jose

If biomedical optics is your thing, then the BiOS meeting in Silicon Valley looks like the place to be.

New year, new plans

It's our job to make your job easier. Take it as read, we'll be redoubling our efforts to do just that throughout 2008.

Season's greetings

It's time for some festive giveaways from medicalphysicsweb, plus a preview of our editorial plans for 2008.

Therapeutic ultrasound: variations on a theme

Scientists are pioneering the use of therapeutic ultrasound in a range of clinical contexts, including treatment of stroke, Parkinson's disease, internal bleeding and cancer.

Molecular imaging assumes priority status

Germany's leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies opt for collaboration to capitalize on the country's strengths in molecular imaging R&D.

MRI in Europe: it's time to end the uncertainty

The legal questions over the future of MRI in Europe do no-one any favours. Fortunately, the politicians seem to be getting the message.

Joined-up thinking on ultrahigh-field MRI

A 'virtual' institute for ultrahigh-field MRI takes shape in the Netherlands. It's a collaborative model that others would do well to follow.

Magnetic nanoparticles: the attraction is clear

Early-stage experimental studies confirm the potential of magnetic nanoparticles in a range of clinical applications.

The collective conversation: work in progress

It's been a year since we went live, but medicalphysicsweb remains a work in progress. Watch this space for our new print supplement, more blogging and the rest.

The burden of toxicity: seeing the big picture

A new concept for comparing the overall toxicity burden of different cancer therapies could prove useful in treatment selection.

Convergence in imaging: it's all about coordination

The integration of structural and functional imaging has big implications for research and clinical practice in Europe. A proactive response looks like the way to go.

Why clinical trials matter on the IGRT roadmap

Does image-guided radiation therapy measure up when it comes to patient survival and reduced toxicity? The best to way to find out is to subject the latest technologies to controlled clinical trials.

Biomedical optics: getting ready to shine

The future of diagnostic imaging will be all about the fusion of once discrete modalities and the rise of biomedical optics.

Watching the directives: big trouble for MRI

A directive designed to protect European Union workers may inadvertently make it illegal to carry out millions of MRI examinations. It's time for a rethink.

Multimodal thinking: the case for PET/MRI

First there was PET. Then there was PET/CT. Now researchers and engineers are turning their attention to the fusion of PET and MRI technologies.

Number crunch: why cancer screening has to add up

New European cancer figures demand a proactive response from governments, senior health professionals and the biomedical research community.

Biomedical optics: hot topics suggest a robust outlook

Whether it's cancer screening or drug discovery, molecular imaging or tissue engineering, the future's looking bright for biomedical optics.

The ones to watch in 2007

medicalphysicsweb editors get the crystal ball out and make their predictions on the research, technology development and clinical innovation that could be making news over the coming year.

Taking stock, making plans

The collective conversation has only just started here on medicalphysicsweb. Watch this space in 2007.