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Game show gauges the future of medical physics

The Physics Pheud!, a unique game show conceived for the AAPM annual meeting, examined the big issues surrounding the future of medical physics.

Physicists in Brazil tackle the living world

Scientists in Brazil are exploiting interdisciplinary collaborations to advance research in areas such as medical imaging, biological physics and biophotonics.

Radio-immunotherapy: attacking cancer from within

Is alpha-immunotherapy research under-resourced relative to its potential importance in cancer management? Barry Allen discusses.

Electrons: are they underused in radiotherapy?

ESTRO debate examines the future of electrons in radiation therapy.

Biological optimization for radiotherapy

Individualizing radiotherapy plans based on radiobiological models could improve tumour control without increasing complications.

A pioneering approach to proton therapy

Video: Thomas Bortfeld describes the cutting-edge cancer treatments available at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Iterative least-squares optimizes VMAT apertures

Use of iterative least-squares for aperture optimization reduces leaf motion and monitor unit variation in volumetric-modulated arc therapy plans.

Brachytherapy dose calculation just got better

Some important changes are coming to the techniques used for brachytherapy dose calculation. Frank Verhaegen and Luc Beaulieu discuss the details.

Open access and the impact on PMB

Simon Cherry examines the debate surrounding open access publishing and details the options offered by the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology.

CUBRIC: a focus on brain research

Researchers at the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre can exploit a range of imaging techniques to study the workings of the human brain.

Omni-tomography: the ultimate in multimodality imaging?

Omni-tomography, in which multiple tomographic scanners are integrated into a single gantry, represents the next stage of multimodality fusion for biomedical imaging, says Ge Wang.

Personalized medicine: how medical physics can help

Medical physics has made a vast contribution to the development of modern medicine, but could still deliver a lot more, says Robert Jeraj.

Imaging advances therapy assessment

AAPM symposium focuses on the development and verification of imaging techniques for therapy assessment.

Technology for life: a career in medical physics

Elekta's Giulia Thompson discusses the evolution of her career as a medical physicist.

Can we deliver the planned dose?

Experts in external-beam radiotherapy, ion beam therapy and brachytherapy discuss whether cutting-edge technologies have made it possible to deliver the planned dose distribution.

Calculation uncertainties undermine dose verification

Large uncertainties in calculating the production rate of positron emitters in proton beams undermine PET-based particle therapy verification, explains Frank Verhaegen.

EIT: where is it now and what lies ahead?

A new review paper examines the current status of electrical impedance tomography, how the technique should be progressed and how best to achieve these developments.

CERN: catalysing collaboration for medical advances

The ICTR-PHE conference in Geneva saw clinicians and physicists come together to help transfer the benefits of basic scientific research to medicine.

Future prospects for proton therapy

Technology developments required to optimize tomorrow's proton therapy installations include "five highs and one low", said PSI's Marco Schippers.

Turkey bolsters isotope supplies

A new facility is about to open outside Ankara that is designed to end Turkey's dependence on importing expensive isotopes for medical use. Michael Banks takes an exclusive tour of the project.