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MR-guided cobalt-60 system measures up

Treatment plans generated for a cobalt-60-based MR-guided radiotherapy system compare well to those produced with a linac.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in radioembolization, radiotherapy, microfluidics and more.

Laser-made tissue scaffold tested in vivo

A complex tissue scaffold made by direct laser writing exhibits high performance for cartilage tissue engineering.

DBS treats Parkinson's disease, but how?

Deep-brain stimulation is highly effective in treating Parkinson's disease, but how does it work?

Treatment images highlight dose changes

Megavoltage images reveal the dosimetric impact of inter-fractional changes on intensity-modulated X-ray and proton therapy.

Innovation: patent-applications review

Our survey of the latest patent applications in medical imaging includes filings from Philips, Mindray, MGH and more.

No adverse impact for ultralow-dose SPECT

SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging dose can be slashed without adverse clinical impact.

Nanocomposites encourage bone repair

Enhancing artificial bone scaffolds with graphene-oxide flakes provides a stronger support while promoting bone regeneration.

PET/MRI: ideal for brain tumour imaging

PET/MRI could provide an optimal imaging approach for visualization and diagnosis of brain tumours.

Dose calculator minimizes QA bottleneck

An independent dose-calculation system enables fast and efficient quality assurance of pencil-beam proton therapy plans.

Success for preclinical PET-MRI system

Pre-clinical PET-MRI insert with digital silicon photomultipliers demonstrates MRI compatibility.

Machine learning diagnoses Parkinson's

Machine learning-based analysis diagnoses Parkinson's disease from SPECT images with 98% accuracy.

Raman system tackles in vivo bone imaging

Researchers develop a Raman tomography system for non-invasive in-vivo bone imaging.

SPECT system delivers ultrahigh sensitivity

SPECT system offers ultrahigh-sensitivity small-animal imaging with sub-millimetre resolution.

Ultrasound best for breast tumour analysis

Ultrasound outperforms MRI and mammography in preoperative assessment of breast tumour size.

Robustness analysis improves proton plans

A site-specific robustness protocol for use in clinical plan evaluation could improve proton therapy plans.

Fractal patterns seen as cancer cells emerge

Studying the fractal patterns that arise when healthy human cells turn cancerous could point to new ways of preventing some cancers.

Tumour metastasis: environment matters

Understanding how cancer cells respond to the stiffness of their environment could help create strategies to prevent cancer spread.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in light therapy, nanomedicine, radiotherapy and more.

Proton radiographs improve range prediction

Patient-specific calibration strategy uses proton radiographs to improve range estimates for proton therapy planning.