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PMB: the top ten of 2017

Take another look at PMB's top 10 downloaded papers of 2017.

Sorting T-cells using biomolecular tension

A microfluidic device sorts T-cells based on the mechanical strength of their bonds with pathogens.

Rectal muscle recordings could treat overactive bladders

A probe that detects surface muscle signals within the rectum could help treat urinary incontinence.

3D dosimetry protocol is compatible with MR-guided radiotherapy

A protocol for high-resolution 3D remote dosimetry: application to MR-guided radiotherapy.

Researchers resolve PET/MRI issue for epilepsy patients

A new attenuation correction method ensures diagnostic quality PET/MR images in brain scans of epilepsy patients.

Liquid biopsies can advance cancer treatment

Analysis of circulating tumour DNA enables precision medicine.

Networked microwells grow healthier cell spheroids

A networked microwell array enables effective construction of 3D multicellular spheroids.

Radiotherapy halts deadly heart rhythm

Flash physics: radiation therapy aimed directly at the heart can treat patients with ventricular tachycardia.

Closed-loop controller regulates BBB opening

Use of a closed-loop controller during focused ultrasound-based disruption of the blood-brain barrier enables controlled drug delivery.

After the steel hip, the magnetic tendon

A magnetic cellular patch that acts as an innovative delivery method for stem cell therapy could improve tendon regeneration.

Innovative imaging in the era of precision radiology

Radiologists must be keen to explore, invent, and transform in a continuous effort to reinvent radiology, said RSNA 2017 President Richard Ehman.

Evaluating bioinks for vascular tissue engineering

Screening scheme identifies suitable hydrogels for bioprinting vascularized tissue.

Improving cancer risk estimates in nuclear medicine

Calculating the lifetime attributable risk provides more accurate cancer risk estimates for patients undergoing nuclear medicine procedures.

Breath test could detect drugs and disease

Flash physics: sampling exhaled breath could make testing for drug use and disease in humans far simpler.

Controlling cell polarity could create diabetes treatment

Encouraging stem cells to evolve into insulin-producing cells could provide new treatments for diabetes.

Exploring the visual symptoms of migraine

Characterizing migraine symptoms reveals specific fMRI responses to different visual symptoms.

MRI-guidance may transform prostate radiotherapy

An international collaboration reviews the opportunities, benefits and challenges of MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients.

PET reconstruction library wins PMB citations prize

A research paper describing the STIR PET reconstruction library has won the 2017 PMB citations prize.

Alzheimer's patients exhibit altered gut microbial composition

Bacterial gene sequencing reveals differences in gut microbial composition between individuals with Alzheimer's disease and healthy subjects.

All-optical ultrasound probe guides heart surgery

Flash physics: an all-optical ultrasound needle probe images heart tissue with high resolution during keyhole procedures.