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Texture classification eases lung CT analysis

A semi-automatic method for classifying abnormal lung textures reduces the time taken to analyse thoracic CT scans.

Lung proton therapy demands robust plans

Daily anatomical variations can cause considerable dose deviations in spot-scanning proton therapy for lung cancer.

Micro-CT diagnoses 1.7m-year-old cancer

Advanced 3D imaging methods help researchers re-evaluate and diagnose a 1.7-million-year-old cancer.

Handheld MSOT system images the thyroid

A handheld multispectral optoacoustic tomography system provides accurate imaging of the human thyroid.

Photoacoustic imaging quantifies elasticity

Quantitative photoacoustic elastography could detect changes in tissue's mechanical properties at depth.

Repeated BBB opening proves safe in mice

Repeated opening of the blood-brain barrier using transcranial focused ultrasound and microbubbles is tolerated in mice.

Electronic skin patch measures blood alcohol

A tattoo-like biosensor can detect alcohol concentrations in a person's sweat in real time.

Innovations in quality assurance

The AAPM Annual Meeting saw vendors unveil innovative quality assurance products designed to meet the needs of advanced radiotherapy techniques.

Can elastography guide breast cancer therapy?

Shear-wave elastography can predict early on whether breast cancer patients are responding to neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Theranostic nanoparticles enter clinical trials

Gadolinium nanoparticles enable MR-guidance of radiation therapy while simultaneously enhancing irradiation efficacy.

AAPM showcases the 'Best in physics'

Top-ranked papers at AAPM 2016 included studies on ultrasound-guided MLC tracking, high-resolution CBCT and 4π radiotherapy.

A clinical take on whole-body dynamic PET

A reconstruction protocol for dynamic PET could bring the benefits of parametric whole-body PET to the clinic.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent radiation therapy patent applications includes filings from Elekta, INSIGHTEC and more.

Aspect Imaging targets clinical market

Aspect Imaging unveils its first specialized clinical MRI system – a 1T hand and wrist scanner.

Boron carbide bests graphite for proton therapy

Boron carbide is one-third more transmissive than graphite when used as a degrader for proton therapy.

Lung imaging helps lower radiotherapy toxicity

Single-energy CT pulmonary perfusion imaging could minimize toxicity following radiotherapy of the lungs.

Phototherapy: simulating dose delivery

Could parabolic mirrors improve dose homogeneity in UV phototherapy cabins?

Nanotube mesh helps reorganize neural tissue

A 3D artificial scaffold network made from multi-walled carbon nanotubes could help repair nerve fibres after injury or disease.

Electrical waves travel in bioengineered tissue

Genetically engineered tissue that can be electrically excited by light could provide insights into heart disease.

PET detector delivers ultrahigh performance

A new PET detector outperforms commercial state-of-the-art devices across several parameters.