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X-ray software assesses bone health

New software analyses hand radiographs to deliver four measures of bone health.

PMB unveils its 60th anniversary collection

Physics in Medicine & Biology unveils its 60th anniversary collection.

Adaptive treatments are a must for protons

The introduction of adaptive treatment is essential to fully exploit the advantages of proton therapy.

Nanoparticles target fat transformation

Nanoparticles containing drugs that transform white adipose tissue into brown might be used to treat obesity.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in radiotherapy, PET, immunotherapy and more.

How can physicists improve treatment quality?

When introducing new treatment technologies, medical physicists face a tricky balance between quality and safety.

Software as good as hardware for PET gating

In a blind test, software equalled or outperformed hardware for motion correction of PET images.

Is dose fractionation still relevant?

Does dose fractionation still represent the optimal schedule for delivering radiation therapy?

3D MRI depicts postablation prostate changes

An MRI-based 3D software technique captures and quantifies changes to the prostate after focal laser ablation therapy.

Liquid fiducials offer precision radiotherapy

A novel liquid that turns into a gel-like fiducial when injected into the body could improve the accuracy of image-guided radiotherapy.

Adaptive therapy ramps dosimetric accuracy

Real-time adaptive radiotherapy systems significantly outperform non-adaptive delivery methods in the presence of tumour motion.

Algorithm cleans up biomagnetic data

A new algorithm that removes interference from biomagnetic data has the potential to simplify clinical imaging processes.

ESTRO 35: product round-up

Our pick of some of the new products on show at ESTRO 35 in Turin.

SERS nanoparticles image liver tumours

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering nanoparticles detect tumours that are too small to identify via conventional imaging modalities.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from Washington University, Cleveland Clinic, GE and more.

Simulations optimize brain PET scanner

Simulations of a compact brain PET system help optimize the design of this helmet-like scanner.

Ion beam models analyse biological impact

Detailed modelling of dose distributions around ion tracks sheds light on the biological impact of ion beam irradiation.

Cardiac PET/MRI protocol cuts radiation dose

A new cardiac PET/MRI protocol with sodium fluoride significantly reduces radiation dose and artefacts.

E-skin lights up in many colours

Ultrathin and ultraflexible coating can measure and display blood oxygen levels and heart rates.

'Immobilized' calibration improves MPI

Calibration with immobilized particles doubles the sensitivity of magnetic particle imaging for stem cell monitoring.