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FLASH irradiation spares healthy tissue

Ultrahigh dose rate radiation pulses reduce healthy tissue damage while maintaining tumour control.

Nanoparticles offer targeted gene delivery

Magnetic nanoparticles provide safe, effective and targeted delivery of "suicide-genes" to liver cancer cells.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in cancer screening, nanomedicine, focused ultrasound and more.

Low-dose preview minimizes CT dose

A simulated low-dose cone-beam CT preview helps minimize delivered dose in image-guided procedures.

Neural network cuts false-positive recalls

A mammography image analysis scheme based on artificial neural networks could reduce false-positive recalls.

An in-depth guide to CT dose

Review article discusses everything you need to know about CT dose.

Arc therapy for proton pencil beams

Proton modulated arc therapy could enable simultaneous dose and LET painting of a tumour target.

Nanoparticles open window into the brain

New imaging technique could monitor vascular blood flow and structure in real time and potentially help treat strokes, cancer and dementia.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of the latest international patent applications in medical imaging reviews filings from UMC Utrecht, MGH, CapeRay Medical and more.

Single-pixel optical system images deeper

A single-pixel optical imaging system shows potential for deep tissue penetration.

Radiomics fine-tunes radiotherapy dose

A data analysis technique called radiomics can help researchers determine radiation therapy dose more accurately.

Iodine alternatives improve X-ray contrast

Contrast agents other than iodine could ramp the sensitivity of dual-energy contrast-enhanced X-ray imaging.

Plasmonic chip diagnoses diabetes

Antigen microarray can detect early-stage type-1 diabetes and even novel biomarkers of the disease.

PMB sees Impact Factor rise

Physics in Medicine and Biology is celebrating an increase in Impact Factor to 2.922.

Beyond cancer: novel radiotherapy targets

Radiotherapy could prove an ideal approach for treatment of conditions such as high blood pressure and heart rhythm disorder.

AAPM: bringing you the 'Best in physics'

A selection of some of the top-ranked presentations from the 2014 AAPM Annual Meeting.

Registration scheme tackles 'missing structures'

Adding a penalty term to a non-rigid registration algorithm allows registration of structurally dissimilar medical images.

AAPM Annual Meeting: product update

A selection of some of the new products and software unveiled at this year's AAPM Annual Meeting.

PET tracer promising for brain tumours

Early clinical trial of a new PET tracer shows promise for detecting brain tumours.

Site-specific margins enhance proton plans

Analysing range uncertainties caused by inaccuracies in dose calculation reveals a need for site-specific margins in proton therapy.