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Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of the latest patent applications in radiation therapy includes filings from Elekta, Bracco Suisse, Philips and more.

Nuclear medicine: change to survive

Nuclear medicine physicians need to shift from being purely imaging-based to become more involved in clinical areas.

CBCT made for point-of-care brain imaging

Artefact correction scheme could enable point-of-care brain imaging using flat-panel-based cone-beam CT.

RSI-MRI improves prostate cancer imaging

Restriction spectrum imaging MRI can improve the detection of prostate cancer spread.

MR images improve PET quantification

MRI-guided filtering and partial volume correction of brain PET scans enhance image quality and structure delineation.

ECR 2015: what to expect

ECR 2015 president Bernd Hamm looks ahead to this year's European Congress of Radiology, and speaks about his own department and clinical interests.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in brain imaging, radiotherapy, biomaterials and more.

Medical isotopes from irradiated thorium

Irradiating a thorium target with light charged particles can produce a variety of medical isotopes.

One nanoparticle: six imaging modalities

Researchers design a nanoparticle that can be detected by six different medical imaging techniques.

MRI: keeping it safe

The new American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety aims to reduce the number of MRI adverse events and accidents.

Smartphones search for Alzheimer's cure

New app allows Stanford researchers to use your smartphone's idle processing power to perform protein-folding calculations.

Microspheres boost image contrast

A microsphere contrast agent boosts light emission in Cerenkov luminescence imaging of tissue.

Cell model helps pinpoint atrial fibrillation

A mathematical model of cardiac muscle tissue could provide important insights into atrial fibrillation.

New journal brings together biomedical fields

Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express will encompass all areas of biomedical engineering, biophysics and medical physics.

Proton therapy: coming to the UK

At the College of Radiographers' Annual Radiotherapy Conference, delegates heard the latest plans for the UK's forthcoming implementation of proton therapy.

Kilovoltage images track prostate motion

Kilovoltage intrafraction monitoring tracks prostate motion with sub-millimetre accuracy in real-time.

Cerenkoscopy monitors breast treatments

Cerenkov imaging of soft tissue can monitor patient motion and treatment beam position during radiotherapy.

7T clinical MRI could soon become reality

7-tesla MR units may soon appear in hospitals, according to a keynote lecture at Arab Health.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of the latest patent applications in medical imaging includes filings from Ramot, PSI, BBS Nanotechnology and more.

Cellular model may shed light on metastasis

A simple model of how living cells interact to create tissue could provide insights into the causes of metastasis.