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High-sensitivity PET targets brain imaging

A helmet-shaped PET system with add-on detectors could provide high-sensitivity, low-cost brain imaging.

IMPT planning scheme accounts for LET

Hybrid physical dose/LET-based planning helps avoid damage to critical structures during intensity-modulated proton therapy.

Paediatric PET dose can be reduced

Tracer activities can be significantly reduced in paediatric PET/MRI while retaining diagnostic image quality.

Lens sees sub-cellular details in large samples

A new microscope lens combines high resolution with a large field-of-view.

Nanoparticles boost photothermal therapy

Photosensitive porphysome nanoparticles could enhance photothermal therapy of pancreatic tumours.

ISOCT sheds light on tumour progression

Inverse spectroscopic optical coherence tomography helps elucidate the role of the extracellular matrix on tumour progression.

How cost-effective is molecular imaging?

Measuring the cost-effectiveness of molecular imaging is more a question of economics than it is about medicine.

We must sell molecular imaging better

Molecular imaging could help drive personalized medicine and revolutionize healthcare, but first the sector must improve its outreach.

BGO lines up for time-of-flight PET

By exploiting Cerenkov emission, bismuth germanate shows promise as a relevant scintillator for time-of-flight PET.

First Australian MRI-linac proves feasible

Australian collaboration demonstrates the feasibility of its first prototype integrated MRI-linac system.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in optogenetics, medical imaging and more.

PET detector ensures accurate DOI encoding

Novel PET detector design achieves accurate depth-of-interaction encoding using a simpler fabrication process.

MPI captures beating mouse heart

Beating mouse heart is captured by travelling wave magnetic particle imaging.

Laser polarization boosts proton beam quality

The quality of laser-accelerated proton beams can be improved by controlling the polarization of the incident laser light.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from Brainlab, Nihon Medi-Physics, GE and more.

Reference dosimetry for hadron therapy

A portable water calorimeter could help develop absorbed dose standards for proton and heavy-ion beams.

Chirped laser pulses raise ion beam intensity

Novel laser acceleration mechanism could deliver far more intense ion beams.

SQUIDs line up for healthcare applications

A newly published roadmap examines how advances in superconducting quantum interference devices could impact healthcare.

Ghost imaging could lower X-ray dose

Ghost imaging techniques could lead to new diagnostic methods with lower X-ray doses.

Designs on ultrasound-guided radiotherapy

Researchers are developing a range of systems for clinical implementation of ultrasound-guided radiotherapy.