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Nanoneedles deliver therapeutics into cells

Biocompatible nanoneedles can efficiently deliver nucleic acids and nanoparticles into live cells without damaging them.

Proton minibeams reduce radiation toxicity

Minibeam therapy with protons and light ions helps minimize dose to proximal tissues.

A new take on melanoma diagnosis

A novel method for modelling illumination and identifying chromophores promises superior skin image analysis for melanoma diagnosis.

Low-cost X-ray market faces major shake-up

A Swiss-led project aiming to bring low-cost, quality digital X-ray units to developing countries unveils its prototype.

PET sensor exploits Cerenkov detection

A new concept for depth-of-interaction-capable PET is based solely on the detection of Cerenkov photons.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of the latest patent applications in radiation therapy includes filings from ProNova, SOLEIL, Stanford University and more.

CTA protocol slashes radiation dose

A novel CT angiography technique slashes radiation dose tenfold in aortic disease.

Ultralow-field MRI comes out of the lab

A portable ultralow-field MRI system could aid soldiers and developing-world field hospitals.

NIRS enhances carbon-ion planning system

An updated treatment planning system more accurately reflects the characteristics of carbon-ion beams, whilst maintaining established dose-fractionation protocols.

Image guidance for proton therapy

IBA and Penn Medicine have teamed up to integrate cone-beam CT into clinical proton therapy.

Scaffolds engineered to replace eardrums

Complex tissue engineered scaffolds could be used to replace damaged eardrums.

How accurate is MR thermometry?

Study assesses the quality of MR thermometry images used to map tissue heating from high-intensity focused ultrasound.

Do radiotherapy innovations meet our needs?

Rather than force users to adapt to new technology, technology should adapt to the user, says Dirk Verellen.

Icon - a new take on cranial radiosurgery

The 3rd ESTRO Forum saw Elekta unveil Icon - the latest incarnation of its Leksell Gamma Knife.

PET prevents unnecessary radiotherapy

PET scans during treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma can identify patients with an excellent prognosis and avoid unnecessary radiotherapy.

The 3rd ESTRO Forum: product round-up

The 3rd ESTRO Forum in Barcelona saw some noteworthy radiotherapy announcements.

Particle pollutants detected in exhaled breath

A non-invasive technique that measures ultrafine particles in exhaled breath could improve diagnosis of asthmatic children.

Nanotherapy for heart attacks and strokes

Nanoparticles loaded with a cholesterol-lowering drug reduce inflammation in atherosclerotic plaques.

MR-guided cobalt-60 system measures up

Treatment plans generated for a cobalt-60-based MR-guided radiotherapy system compare well to those produced with a linac.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in radioembolization, radiotherapy, microfluidics and more.