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DTI-MRI sheds light on Parkinson's disease

Diffusion-tensor tractography MRI reveals structural disruptions in brain networks of people with Parkinson's disease and cognitive impairment.

Cine-MRI tracks heart motion

Technique borrowed from computer vision could help diagnose heart failure.

Research briefs: cancer treatments

A round-up of recent developments in cancer treatments based on light, heat, immune cells and ultrasound.

INSIDE in-beam PET monitors proton range

The INSIDE in-beam PET system enables accurate range monitoring during proton therapy.

Designer vaccine nanodiscs treat tumours

Designer vaccine nanodiscs could help usher in a new era of personalized cancer immunotherapy.

BPEX launches double-blind peer review trial

The journal Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express has launched a pilot scheme offering the choice of single- or double-blind peer review.

Clinical study reveals variable proton RBE

Clinical study provides evidence of variable proton biological effectiveness in treatments of paediatric patients.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent radiation therapy patent applications includes filings from Philips, Varian, Reflexion Medical and more.

Fish in space shed light on microgravity effects

Fluorescence imaging of medaka fish aboard the International Space Station may help explain why astronauts suffer bone loss in microgravity.

Physics advances help shape clinical PET

Developments in PET software and hardware can have a big impact on the application of PET in clinical practice.

New SiPMs boost PET detector performance

PET detector combines 200 ps timing resolution with accurate depth-of-interaction estimates.

Research briefs: cellular engineering

A round-up of recent research developments in cellular engineering.

MRI sheds light on foetal brain abnormalities

If a 20-week foetal ultrasound scan reveals a potential brain abnormality, adding an MRI scan can increase diagnostic accuracy.

Carbon ions prove valuable for treating prostate cancer

The first multi-institutional analysis reveals the benefits of carbon-ion therapy for prostate cancer.

Review of the year: 2016's most popular stories

Take a look back at some of the most popular articles published on medicalphysicsweb over the last year.

PMB: the top ten of 2016

Take another look at PMB's top 10 downloaded papers of 2016.

Motion compensation for the MR-linac

An MRI-based strategy for radiotherapy of moving targets shows promise for use with the integrated MR-linac.

Brain-computer interface adapts to user's moods

A brain-computer interface that adapts to changes in the user's mental state could provide more accurate control.

Dutch neuroradiologists highlight imaging advances

The recent RSNA meeting saw Dutch researchers highlight advances in imaging of neuro-degenerative and neuro-vascular diseases.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in radiation treatment, photoimmunotherapy, MEG and more.