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Optimizing brain stimulation therapy

How do uncertainties in brain tissue conductivity affect transcranial direct current stimulation?

OCT helps identify cancerous brain tissue

Optical coherence tomography offers the potential to make brain tumour removal safer and more effective.

Combined approach enhances radiotherapy

Review paper examines the complexities of combining external-beam radiotherapy with radioimmunotherapy.

The 'Best-in-Physics' at AAPM

Top-ranked papers at the AAPM Annual Meeting included studies on radiation-induced cardiac toxicity, linac QA and intra-fraction motion.

AAPM Annual Meeting: product update

A look at some of the new products and software unveiled at this year's AAPM Annual Meeting.

Software checks promise safer radiotherapy

Automated system detects patient identification and positioning errors prior to radiation treatment.

A more accurate foetal dose calculation

A simple formula accurately determines radiation dose to the foetus in pregnant women undergoing CT scans.

Dutch team launches DENSE breast MR trial

Breast MR trial to explore screening options for women with dense breast tissue.

Two lasers boost photoacoustic sensitivity

A dual-laser approach boosts the sensitivity of photoacoustic monitoring of hypoxia.

Crystal phase-transitions keep babies warm

Researchers develop non-electric incubating blankets for use in developing countries.

Algorithm delivers VMAT plan in a minute

Multiple processors reduce the time required for VMAT plan calculation by a factor of 10.

Bringing the human eye into focus

Computational imaging technique resolves the rods and cones at the back of the eye.

Algorithm enables boost in CBCT quality

Reconstruction algorithm enables higher quality cone-beam CT images for use in image-guided radiation therapy.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of the latest patent applications in medical imaging includes filings from MIT, Philips, QView Medical and more.

Advances in modelling tumour growth

A mathematical model that uses parameters derived from quantitative MRI data aims to improve the prediction of glioma growth.

Sensor lines up for sleep disorder studies

Polyvinylidene fluoride sensor automatically detects and logs snoring.

Bioprinted material targets bone repair

Bioprinted material capable of cell and protein transfer creates mechanically strong constructs for bone repair.

PET detectors break the 100 ps barrier

Two new PET detector designs offer sub-100 ps coincidence time resolution.

7T sodium MRI images the heart

7T three-dimensional sodium MRI delivers high-resolution heart images within clinically acceptable scan times.

Motion mitigation for scanned protons

Gating and rescanning improve dose delivery for lung cancer patients treated with scanned proton therapy, but their efficacy is patient-specific.