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Mini ultrasound sensor enables hybrid microscopy

A miniaturized ultrasound sensor can be integrated into any standard optical microscope to enable hybrid optical and optoacoustic microscopy.

Shining a light on amyloid-β peptide binding sites

Light-based probe identifies misfolded Alzheimer's disease protein.

Neural network enables mobile phase photography

Machine learning technique extracts elusive phase information from intensity image.

FUS shows promise for treating Parkinson's tremor

Flash physics: focused ultrasound shows potential as a treatment for Parkinson's tremor.

3D dosimeters suitable for MRI-guided radiotherapy

Chemical dosimeters do not need corrections for use in strong magnetic fields.

Migratory cells have a mechanical memory

Study reveals how mechanical surface properties affect future cellular behaviour.

MRI could be 'game changer' for cardiac arrest survivors

MRI measurements of the brain's functional network connectivity after a patient experiences cardiac arrest may help predict their clinical outcome.

Synthetic hydrogels aim to repair intestinal injuries

Flash Physics: synthetic hydrogels that deliver cells could be used to repair intestinal injuries.

CESM boosts detection of malignant breast lesions

Compared with conventional mammography, contrast-enhanced spectral mammography catches an additional 7.7% of lesions in recalled women.

From photo, to 3D model, through to wound healing

A novel approach to chronic wound healing combines image analysis with 3D modelling and bioprinting.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from the University of California, Siemens, MIT and more.

Machine learning predicts breast cancer risk

Flash physics: a machine learning model can identify which breast lesions are likely to become cancerous with 97% accuracy.

Evaluating skin dose from the MRI-Linac

The MRI-Linac's magnetic field increases skin dose, but this can be mitigated by using a larger number of beam angles.

Optical trap reveals molecular tension

Experiments with single biomolecules show that an important protein for cell movement can become stronger when it is pulled apart.

Magnetic field fluctuations detect arterial pulse

A magnetic transducer that can detect arterial pulse and pulse velocity shows promise for cuffless blood pressure measurements.

Novel method reveals protein interactions in membranes

A new method can determine the interaction surfaces of important drug targets within biological membranes.

CT radiation dose tracking reveals global disparities

Swiss study reveals substantial differences around the world in the radiation dose being used for CT scans.

Portable scanner monitors babies' brain activity

Flash Physics: a portable functional ultrasound set-up non-invasively monitors brain activity in newborns.

Where will oxygen ion therapy help the most?

Researchers determine the conditions under which tumours could benefit most from oxygen ion therapy.

Optimizing the cryopreservation of cells

Freezing of cell-laden hydrogels is optimized using a panel of cryoprotectants.