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PTW Aug 10, 2009

About this company


PTW is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of clinical radiation dosimetry and quality control equipment.

PTW is a pioneer in dosimetry, recognized for its unparalleled quality and precision. Founded by a Freiburg university professor back in 1922, the company grew from a small backyard workshop to become the global leader for clinical radiation dosimetry and quality control equipment.

Today, PTW offers the largest and most diversified product portfolio in the industry. Dosimetry and QA solutions by PTW, which include well-established brands, such as DIAMENTOR, Semiflex, Markus, Roos, UNIDOS or OCTAVIUS, have become the tool of choice for medical radiation experts in over 160 countries worldwide.

Throughout its history, the family-owned company has always been strongly committed to help making radiation treatments safer and more effective. It also operates one of the oldest and most active accredited secondary standard dosimetry calibration laboratories (SSDL) and has recently established the PTW Dosimetry School to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry.


Products from this company

  1. Octavius® 4D Nov 11, 2016

    Modular Solutions for 4D Patient and Machine QA

  2. T-Ref Nov 11, 2016

    The Reference Detector for Small Field Relative Dosimetry

  3. Track-it QA Data Management Nov 11, 2016

    The fastest and easiest way to keep track of your QA data

  4. Beamscan™ Nov 11, 2016

    Explore the future of 3D water scanning.

  5. NOMEX® Diagnostic X-Ray Measurement Systems Dec 19, 2014

    True Precision in One Shot. Turnkey solution for absolute dosimetry and quality control in medical X-ray imaging.

  6. OCTAVIUS® 1500 – The Checkerboard Detector for Patient and Machine QA Dec 19, 2014

    High-resolution ionization chamber array with unique checkerboard detector layout making quality control in radiation therapy safer and more efficient.

  7. UNIDOSwebline® – The Gold Standard Electrometer Dec 19, 2014

    Industry-leading secondary standard and reference class electrometer for absolute dosimetry that keeps its promises.

  8. STARCHECK® LINAC QA Systems Dec 19, 2014

    High-precision ionization chamber arrays for advanced LINAC QA, offering outstanding spatial resolution.

  9. MP3-M Water Scanning System Dec 19, 2014

    Water phantoms by PTW – made to last a lifetime. Industry-leading, high-precision all-in-one water phantom for fast, efficient beam data commissioning and therapy beam QA.

  10. OCTAVIUS® 1000 SRS – A Detector Nearly As Accurate as Film Dec 19, 2014

    Worldwide first liquid-filled ionization chamber array with outstanding spatial resolution, specifically designed for small-field IMRT and SRS/SBRT QA.

  11. microDiamond – The All-in-One Detector for Relative Dosimetry Dec 19, 2014

    Nearly as good as water. Worldwide first single crystal synthetic diamond detector for use in clinical dosimetry.

  12. OCTAVIUS® 4D – 4D Patient Plan Verification Dec 19, 2014

    Truly measured, not predicted. The first rotating 4D patient QA system for independent dose verification.