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LifeLine Software, Inc./RadCalc May 14, 2009

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LifeLine Software, Inc./RadCalc
2407 Pemberton Place
United States

Tel: +1 866-592-1343 ext 1

LifeLine Software, Inc. offers RadCalc® software that provides fully automated independent dosimetric validation calculations for Conventional, IMRT, VMAT, CyberKnife, Superficial, and Brachytherapy treatments.

Additionally, 3D dose volumes and DVHs can be compared for Brachytherapy treatments.

If you are reading this, the chances are you know someone who has had or will have cancer during their lifetime. Cancer impacts so many lives every day. For many, this is why you entered the field of radiation oncology, to make a positive difference in the lives of the patients you serve.

At LifeLine Software, we are driven to improve the lives of those who are racing against time to fight cancer by helping to assure them as well as their loved ones that they are receiving quality treatments. This is why our vision is to create the highest quality software products that exceed our customers' expectations. We strive to achieve this vision by our commitment and dedication to continuous improvement of all we do in responding to the needs of our customers for the benefit of the patients and families they serve.

In order to achieve this vision, we look for associates and business partners who share this passion to serve others through their hard work and dedication to excellence in all they do every day. At LifeLine Software we do our best to create a work environment that encourages our associates to listen to their customers, both inside and outside our company and to deliver results with integrity.

RadCalc® is one example of our commitment to responding to the needs of Radiation Oncology health care providers by contributing to the enhancement of the quality of their work, and to the quality of life of their patients.

RadCalc® was developed by our board certified physicist to make independent Dosimetric calculation verification accurate, quick, and easy, by including fully automated dosimetric calculations (RadCalc AIR), import (from radiation therapy planning systems) and export (to verify and record systems) features, multiple site support, and many other features not found in other Dosimetric calculation verification programs.

Through the years, LifeLine Software has demonstrated a commitment to move in-step with the changing TPS technology as well as our customer needs through our support of IMRT, VMAT, and Brachytherapy treatment deliveries. Another example of this commitment to remain on the cutting edge of technology is our latest RadCalc® release that is the first to provide 3D Dose Volume dosimetric verification for Brachytherapy calculations. LifeLine Software is also the first and only company to offer Superficial Calculation verification as well as a Plan Comparison tool. Soon, we will be adding a new module that will provide 3D Dose Volume verification for Photon/Electron calculations.

At LifeLine Software, Inc., we want to be your partner in providing the most complete dosimetric verification software. We are not satisfied until you are completely satisfied with our products. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of you, our valued customer. We offer personalized service, provided by our Certified Medical Dosimetrists that are available to assist you with any technical support need.

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Products from this company

  1.   News: 16 years in the race against cancer: Next pitstops: Jun 5, 2015

    LifeLine Software, Inc. is pleased to inform you that we have completed the Beta testing for a new version of RadCalc (version 6.3).

  2.   BrachyTherapy Module May 20, 2015

    The Brachytherapy Module is available for purchase to those clients who have upgraded to or purchased RadCalc version 6.2 or later release.

  3.   IMRT Calculation May 20, 2015

    FDA 510(k) cleared in May of 2000, RadCalc's IMRT utility allows the user to perform an independent MU or point calculation for Step and Shoot and Sliding Window IMRT treatment plans.

  4. RTP Import May 20, 2015

    AllowRadCalc allows you to import from radiation therapy planning systems, verify and record systems, and/or virtual simulation software through DICOM RT or other proprietary links.

  5. V&R Export May 20, 2015

    RadCalc is the only Dosimetric calculation verification software that provides an export utility that allows the user to export treatment plans to a verify and record system.