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PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. Piezo Nanopositioning Dec 17, 2008

PI: Leading, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of Nanofocus / Nanopositioning Devices, and Precision Ceramic Actuators for Scanning Microscopy and 3D Microscopy and Precision Motion Control.


Products from this company

  1. Air Bearing Precision Rotation Stages for Beamline Instrumentation Mar 15, 2013

    PI miCos manufactures a line of high accuracz rotation stages for instrumentation and automation.

  2. Nano-Indentation / Materials Testing w/ Scanning Probe Microscopy / Piezo Stages Jul 18, 2011

    A flexible nano-indentation system by Micro Materials Ltd. offers a variety of methods for materials characterization, including nano-indentation, nano-impact and nano-scratch and wear measurements.

  3. Nanopositioning Systems: Piezo Stages, Motors, Controllers: New Catalog Jun 7, 2011

    PI, a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning stages & precision motion-control equipment for bio-medical, semiconductor, imaging & nanotechnology applications, releases a new nanopositioning catalog.

  4. Planar AFM Scanners: New Catalog Piezo Stages for Atomic Force Microscopes, SPM Mar 11, 2011

    Piezo stage specialist PI has released a new catalog on planar piezo nanopositioners and scanners for Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopes.

  5. Piezo Ceramic Linear Actuator is Based on Ultrasonic Motor Technology Jan 14, 2011

    The new M-272 linear actuator for automation applications based on a maintenance-free PILine® ultrasonic ceramic motor. * Fast: 200 mm/sec (8”/sec) * Travel range 50 mm

  6. New Piezo Ceramic Actuators: Lower Voltage for Medical Applications Jan 7, 2011

    PICMA Bender piezo actuators offer several advantages over classic bimorph components: low voltage (medical applications!) faster response, higher stiffness, smaller electronics

  7. Piezo Mechanics Catalog: Piezo Motors, Piezo Systems, Piezo Actuators Nov 5, 2010

    PI a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric actuators and precision motion-control equipment for semiconductor, biomedical & nanotechnology applications has released a new catalog on Piezo Mechanisms.

  8. Piezo at Medical Design & Manufacturing MD&M MIdwest in Minneapolis Oct 11, 2010

    Minneapolis, MN- piezo & precision motion control specialist PI exhibits its latest piezomotors, piezo positioners & 6-axis hexapod robots at the MD&M Medical Design show, Booth 237, Oct 13-14.

  9. PI News: Ceramic Replacement Actuators are Sterile, Fast & Non-Magnetic Sep 3, 2010

    PI offers two new types of ceramic, non-magnetic linear motor actuators that can replace classical motors & actuators in medical design applications.

  10. New Brochure: Medical Design Solutions with Piezo Motors and Hexapod Robots Apr 29, 2010

    Piezo & Motion Control Specialist PI has published a brochure on advanced motion control solutions for medical design

  11. Miniature 6-Axis Robot / Parallel Kinematics Hexapod at Medical Design / ATX Mar 29, 2010

    Anaheim, CA - nanopositioning specialist PI has shown its latest 6-axis robotics positioning system - dubbed M-810 - at the MD&M West show, the world's largest medical design & manufacturing event.

  12. Medical Imaging: New Piezo-Z Slide Scanner For Faster 3D Imaging Mar 29, 2010

    PI introduced the new P-736 microscope slide Z-scanner piezo stage at the 2010 BIOS /

  13. New Non Magnetic High Speed Piezomotor Rotary Stage Jan 21, 2010

    PI introduces a new ultra-low profile (0.6”), direct-driven, high-speed rotary stage based on its proprietary PILine® piezomotor drive technology at this year’s SPIE Photonics West conference.

  14. Digital Image Resolution enhancement with Fast Piezo Based Technique Nov 23, 2009

    Auburn, MA –– Piezo systems specialist PI has published a paper on image resolution enhancement and image stabilization for electronic imaging sensors based on fast piezo actuation.

  15. 24 Bit USB Piezo Controller: High Speed & Precision for Nanopositioning Systems Oct 5, 2009

    Piezo system specialist PI introduces a new generation of 24-bit resolution, nanopositioning stage controllers. They will enable <100 picometer command resolution even for long-travel stages (>1mm).

  16. New Controller for Beam Delivery, Laser Beem Steering & Image Enhancement Sep 2, 2009

    The E616 line of multi-channel controllers for piezo beam steering systems is available from piezo systems specialist PI.

  17. New Piezo Stage Helps Researchers Study Proteins May 8, 2009

    The inventor of Piezo Z-nanofocusing drives has extended its line of piezo stages for super resolution microscopes.

  18. 2009 PI precision positioning & piezo book: tools for design engineers Mar 9, 2009

    Motion Control & Piezo Ceramic Motor Specialist PI has issued the 2009 hard-cover catalog entitled "Piezo Nano Positioning Inspirations 2009". It contains an assortment of tools for design engineers.

  19. Novel piezo micro-manipulator for biotech / medical applications Jan 23, 2009

    PI will introduce the novel N-380 / N-381 NEXACT® ceramic linear motor actuators at this year’s Biomedical Optics / Photonics West conference in San Jose, CA.

  20. New PI catalog : Tools for Biotech, Microscopy and Imaging Nov 12, 2008

    Nanopositioning specialist PI has released a new catalog entitled "Tools for Microscopy, Imaging, Biotech". The catalog focuses on high resolution, high speed specimen positioning devices

  21. Ceramic Actuators move Faster with Powerful Piezo Amplifier Sep 29, 2008

    Piezo actuator & motor system specialist PI's new E617 high-power piezo amplifier was designed for high-dynamics switching & scanning applications on non-magnetic ceramic actuators.

  22. PI catalogue offers precision motion control solutions Aug 7, 2008

    Nanopositioning systems catalogue offers precision motion control solutions for biotech & medical.

  23. Piezo Microscope Objective scanner speeds Biotech research Jul 1, 2008

    PIFOC Piezo microscopy objective scanner systems were developed for 3-D microscopy applications.

  24. Piezo stage & motor systems target biotech research & 3D imaging Jun 27, 2008

    PI's new non magnetic piezo stage systems are ideal for microscopy, MRI, OCT applications.

  25. Miniature ceramic motor for micromanipulation, biotech Jun 26, 2008

    Piezo motor specialist PI's new sub-compact linear motor slide provides many advantages.

  26. Precision linear actuator catalog from PI Jun 10, 2008

    Classical Actuators to MRI-Compatible Ceramic Actuators for Design Engineers.

  27. Ceramic replacement actuators are sterile, fast and non-magnetic May 13, 2008

    PI offers three advanced types of ceramic, non-magnetic linear motor actuators.