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piezosystem jena GmbH Dec 10, 2013

piezosystem jena is a world leading company in the development, design and engineering of piezo, piezo electrical actuator based positioning systems for micro- and nanopositioning and nano-automation.


Products from this company

  1. The New Digital Piezo Controller d-Drive pro - Highest Resolution of 24 bit Jun 10, 2014

    piezosystem jena presents the d-Drive pro, the latest generation of digital control electronics for piezo actuators. It provides a 24 bit resolution and a simultaneous regulation of 3 axes.

  2. The new stack type actuators series PA – more flexibility for your application Dec 18, 2013

    The stack type actuators series PA are internally preloaded with a mechanical spring. The stack type actuators series PA can sustain high compressive forces or loads with tensile forces.

  3. PZ 300 AP - z-axis elevator stage - designed for microscopes Nov 20, 2013

    The PZ 300 AP was designed for standard and inverted microscopes. It contains a large free aperture thus enabling the piezo stage to work with standard slides and Multiwell® plates.

  4. Mirror tilting system PKS 1 Mar 4, 2010

    The solid and constant positioning of an optical controlled Laser is a technical challenge that is now solved by the new mirror tilting system PKS1, developed by piezosystem jena.

  5. New nanopositioning stage for micropositioning Nov 24, 2008

    piezosystem jena introduces an XY plane nanopositioning and microscanning stage featuring a wide center clearance. -a clearance of 30x30mm² -motion range of up to 250 µm ol, 200 µm cl

  6. Miniaturized measurement system for nanopositioning of positioning stages Nov 3, 2008

    piezosystem jena developed an actuator with an integrated measurement system. As with other systems from piezosystem jena, the actuator enables high-precision positioning.

  7. Dynamic nanopositioning stage nanoSX 800 CAP Oct 3, 2008

    Piezosystem jena provides with the nanoSX 800 CAP a new single axis micropositioning and nanoscanning stage.

  8. Piezo-nanopositioner for micro objectives Sep 22, 2008

    Piezosystem jena expands the series MIPOS with the nanoMIPOS400 CAP. For the first time ever, this large range of outstanding micro-objective focusing devices will be available in a digital version.