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PerkinElmer Jan 9, 2017

About this company


PerkinElmer is a leader of innovative preclinical imaging solutions including instruments, imaging agents, service and leading applications support.


Products from this company

  1. G8 PET/CT Preclinical Imaging System Feb 10, 2017

    Ultrasensitive and fast multimodal preclinical PET/CT imaging at your benchtop

  2. IVIS® SpectrumCT Integrated Optical microCT Imaging System Feb 10, 2017

    Advanced 2D and 3D optical imaging system with integrated low-dose microCT to support longitudinal studies

  3. Quantum GX microCT Imaging System Feb 10, 2017

    Low-dose, high-speed and high-resolution CT in one system

  4. IVIS® Spectrum Optical Imaging System Feb 10, 2017

    Advanced optical imaging system using novel imaging technology to facilitate non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression

  5. IVIS® Lumina XRMS Benchtop Optical Imaging System with Integrated X-ray Feb 10, 2017

    Industry leading fluorescence, bioluminescence and X-ray Imaging - All-In-One benchtop instrument

  6. IVIS® Lumina Benchtop Optical Imaging System Feb 10, 2017

    Bringing together years of leading optical imaging technologies into one easy-to-use and exquisitely sensitive benchtop system

  7. IVIS® SpectrumBL High Throughput Optical Imaging System Feb 10, 2017

    Advanced high-throughput 2D and 3D bioluminescence imaging system

  8. Solaris™ Fluorescence Imaging-Guided Surgery System Feb 10, 2017

    Image beyond the chamber with Solaris™ - open-air fluorescence imaging system designed for image guided-surgery