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Talking Point

Medical physics: past, present and future Jul 11, 2016

The PMB 60th Anniversary Symposium examined the evolution of medical physics since 1956, where the field is now, and where it may be in 60 years' time.

Research & Innovation news

Phototherapy: simulating dose delivery

Could parabolic mirrors improve dose homogeneity in UV phototherapy cabins?

Nanotube mesh helps reorganize neural tissue

A 3D artificial scaffold network made from multi-walled carbon nanotubes could help repair nerve fibres after injury or disease.

Electrical waves travel in bioengineered tissue

Genetically engineered tissue that can be electrically excited by light could provide insights into heart disease.

PET detector delivers ultrahigh performance

A new PET detector outperforms commercial state-of-the-art devices across several parameters.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in machine learning, focused ultrasound, PET and more.

fMRI software falls short of expectations

An extensive analysis of software commonly used for functional MRI has found false-positive rates of up to 70%.

Clinical studies of PBS protons

Clinical studies reveal that pencil-beam scanning proton therapy is safe and effective for treating rhabdomyosarcomas and skull-base tumours.

Photon-counting breast CT measures up

Breast CT with a prototype photon-counting scanner offers higher resolution than reported for other breast imaging technologies.

Hybrid proton therapy eases clinical bottleneck

A hybrid of intensity-modulated and passive-scattered proton therapy is reducing waiting times at an oversubscribed US proton therapy centre.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical-imaging patent applications includes filings from Agfa Healthcare, the University of Edinburgh and more.

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IOP Biomedical Journals


Our pick of the best articles recently published in the IOP biomedical journals.

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Semi-automatic classification of textures in thoracic CT scans July 22, 2016

T T J P Kockelkorn, P A de Jong, C M Schaefer-Prokop, R Wittenberg, A M Tiehuis, H A Gietema, J C Grutters, M A Viergever and B van Ginneken 2016 Phys. Med. Biol. 61 5906

Dosimetry of ionising radiation in modern radiation oncology July 11, 2016

T Kron, J Lehmannand and P B Greer 2016 Phys. Med. Biol. 61 R167

Ischemia detection from morphological QRS angle changes July 4, 2016

D Romero, J P Martínez, P Laguna and E Pueyo 2016 Physiol. Meas. 37 1004


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Adaptive radiotherapy optimizes proton therapy treatments

Lei Dong, Director of the Scripps Proton Therapy Center, discusses the merits of adaptive radiotherapy for proton treatments.

Explore more of the solution space with RayStation 5

RayStation® 5, the latest version of RaySearch's treatment planning system (TPS), introduces carbon ion treatment planning, and the Plan Explorer treatment planning tool.

Philips: Leading change in therapy guidance

Philips invites you to discover how its innovations can transform patient management.

White papers

The effect of planning speed on VMAT plan quality

A white paper from RaySearch Laboratories.

Robust optimization in RayStation

RayStation features robust optimization, which provides robustness also in cases where conventional margins fail.

Stereotactic beam scanning using the IBA Stealth Reference Detector

New small field dosimetry using the "beam-invisible" Stealth Reference Detector from IBA Dosimetry.


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ABAS 2.0

ImSimQA - Tools to commission and QA deformable image registration

ImSimQA provides extensive tools for generating infinite test image data.

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ABAS 2.0

The ProBeam proton therapy system

Adaptive proton therapy enabled by Varian's unique, fully integrated solution.

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ABAS 2.0

Biomedical Materials marks milestone achievements

The journal Biomedical Materials celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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