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Talking Point

MR-guided radiotherapy: how great is the need? Jun 10, 2016

With existing image-guided radiotherapy approaches providing highly accurate dose delivery, how great is the need for large-scale in-room MR guidance?

Research & Innovation news

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in radiotherapy, MRI, diagnostic imaging and more.

New CT detectors promise sharper images

Advanced detector technologies are making their way into commercial CT scanners.

Biological optimization for helium ion plans

Biologically optimized treatment planning helps move helium ion beams closer to clinical implementation.

Radiotherapy enhancer boosts immune system

A highly X-ray absorbing nanoparticle could boost radiotherapy while helping the immune system fight metastasis.

Ultrasound eases drug delivery to the brain

An implantable ultrasound transducer can safely open the blood-brain barrier for delivery of drugs into the brain.

Proton CT could ease treatment planning

A scintillator-based proton CT system offers simple and fast acquisition of the water equivalent length for proton therapy planning.

Mapping neutron dose from scanned protons

Mapping the stray neutron radiation generated during scanning proton therapy could help refine treatments and inform secondary cancer risk.

Researchers spray stem cells for gum repair

Researchers developing regenerative treatments for severe gum disease have used an aerosol brush to spray viable bone marrow and gingival cells onto a tooth.

SNMMI Annual Meeting: research highlights

The SNMMI Annual Meeting showcased the latest breakthroughs in the fields of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

Novel PET radiotracer evaluated in humans

A PET tracer for the enzyme PDE2A could allow evaluation of potential drugs for treating patients with cognitive disorders.

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IOP Biomedical Journals


Our pick of the best articles recently published in the IOP biomedical journals.

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Characterisation of a phantom for multiwavelength quantitative photoacoustic imaging June 27, 2016

M Fonseca, B Zeqiri, P C Beard and B T Cox 2016 Phys. Med. Biol. 61 4950

Applications and limitations of radiomics June 13, 2016

S F Yip and H J W L Aerts 2016 Phys. Med. Biol. 61 R150

Biomimetic rehabilitation engineering: the importance of somatosensory feedback for brain–machine interfaces June 6, 2016

D Perruchoud, I Pisotta, S Carda, M Murray and S Ionta 2016 J. Neural Eng. 13 041001


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Explore more of the solution space with RayStation 5

RayStation® 5, the latest version of RaySearch's treatment planning system (TPS), introduces carbon ion treatment planning, and the Plan Explorer treatment planning tool.

Philips: Leading change in therapy guidance

Philips invites you to discover how its innovations can transform patient management.

Simplify TG-142 digital imager and machine QA in large clinics

PIPSpro QA Software can deliver cost-effective quality assurance processes in large clinics.

White papers

Auto-IMRT planning in Pinnacle: a study in head-and-neck cancer

A white paper from Philips Healthcare.

The effect of planning speed on VMAT plan quality

A white paper from RaySearch Laboratories.

Robust optimization in RayStation

RayStation features robust optimization, which provides robustness also in cases where conventional margins fail.


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ABAS 2.0

Biomedical Materials marks milestone achievements

The journal Biomedical Materials celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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ABAS 2.0

Pinnacle3 Auto-Planning

Philips introduces the benefits of Pinnacle3 Auto-Planning

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ABAS 2.0

Proton planning in RayStation: introduction

This video shows how easy and efficient it is to create deliverable proton plans in RayStation.

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