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Talking Point

Proton therapy: randomized trials or model-based selection? Jun 23, 2015

Are randomized controlled trials needed for proton therapy, or could a model-based approach provide a better option for selecting suitable patients?

Research & Innovation news

PET detectors break the 100 ps barrier

Two new PET detector designs offer sub-100 ps coincidence time resolution.

7T sodium MRI images the heart

7T three-dimensional sodium MRI delivers high-resolution heart images within clinically acceptable scan times.

Motion mitigation for scanned protons

Gating and rescanning improve dose delivery for lung cancer patients treated with scanned proton therapy, but their efficacy is patient-specific.

FES helps stroke patients move again

Functional electrical stimulation could help restore voluntary motion control in stroke patients.

Alpha therapy targets metastatic disease

Targeted alpha therapy could play an important role in treating disseminated, chemoresistant and radioresistant metastatic disease.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in optogenetics, drug delivery, radiation safety and more.

Sky-high bioscience

Toronto's CN Tower provided a scenic venue for the launch of Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express and the IOP biosciences portfolio.

DTI-MRI sheds light on concussion symptoms

Diffusion-tensor MRI reveals distinct injury patterns in the brain of people with concussion-related depression symptoms.

Biophotonics: seeing the light

Photonics technologies have a significant role to play in biology and medicine.

Microbeams reduce skin injury

Proton and X-ray microbeams reduce skin injury during radiotherapy delivery.

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LAP LASER to showcase new products at AAPM 2015

LAP LASER to showcase new and innovative products at the AAPM annual meeting.

Philips: Leading change in therapy guidance

Philips invites you to discover how its innovations can transform patient management.

Simplify TG-142 digital imager and machine QA in large clinics

PIPSpro QA Software can deliver cost-effective quality assurance processes in large clinics.

White papers

Robust optimization in RayStation

RayStation features robust optimization, which provides robustness also in cases where conventional margins fail.

Log file based patient specific quality assurance

Is your patient-specific QA providing a complete picture? A white paper from Mobius Medical Systems.

Stereotactic beam scanning using the IBA Stealth Reference Detector

New small field dosimetry using the "beam-invisible" Stealth Reference Detector from IBA Dosimetry.


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ABAS 2.0

Proton planning in RayStation: introduction

This video shows how easy and efficient it is to create deliverable proton plans in RayStation.

View the video

ABAS 2.0

Advanced proton planning in RayStation: robust optimization and multi-criteria optimization

This video presents some of the more advanced features of proton planning in RayStation.

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ABAS 2.0

RayStation, a world of endless possibilities in treatment planning

RayStation integrates all advanced treatment planning solutions into a flexible planning system.

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