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Talking Point

We should strive to apply physics to the biology itself Jul 17, 2014 (1 comment)

The field of medical physics should incorporate biophysics into radiotherapy research, says University of Wisconsin-Madison's Michael Kissick.

Research & Innovation news

PMB sees Impact Factor rise

Physics in Medicine and Biology is celebrating an increase in Impact Factor to 2.922.

Beyond cancer: novel radiotherapy targets

Radiotherapy could prove an ideal approach for treatment of conditions such as high blood pressure and heart rhythm disorder.

AAPM: bringing you the 'Best in physics'

A selection of some of the top-ranked presentations from the 2014 AAPM Annual Meeting.

Registration scheme tackles 'missing structures'

Adding a penalty term to a non-rigid registration algorithm allows registration of structurally dissimilar medical images.

AAPM Annual Meeting: product update

A selection of some of the new products and software unveiled at this year's AAPM Annual Meeting.

PET tracer promising for brain tumours

Early clinical trial of a new PET tracer shows promise for detecting brain tumours.

Site-specific margins enhance proton plans

Analysing range uncertainties caused by inaccuracies in dose calculation reveals a need for site-specific margins in proton therapy.

Proton therapy shows clinical promise

The theoretical advantages of proton beam therapy are supported by results from two new clinical studies.

Phantoms offer realistic non-rigid motion

Digital phantoms that exhibit non-rigid respiratory and body motion allow more realistic testing of PET and SPECT motion correction schemes.

'Quadrapeutics' magnifies chemoradiation

A four-component technique enhances chemotherapy and radiotherapy effectiveness by up to 100-fold.

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Physics in Medicine & Biology


Our pick of the best articles recently published in the journal Physics in Medicine & Biology.

All free to read here

Search for novel contrast materials in dual-energy x-ray breast imaging using theoretical modeling of contrast-to-noise ratio July 31, 2014

R Karunamuni and A D A Maidment 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 4311

3D reconstruction of scintillation light emission from proton pencil beams using limited viewing angles—a simulation study July 28, 2014

CheukKai Hui, Daniel Robertson and Sam Beddar 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 4477

Site-specific range uncertainties caused by dose calculation algorithms for proton therapy July 7, 2014

J Schuemann, S Dowdell, C Grassberger, C H Min and H Paganetti 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 4007


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CARINAnav Smart Laser Control System

The CARINAnav Smart Laser Control System is the latest development in the CARINA line of LAP laser marking software.

Simplify TG-142 digital imager and machine QA in large clinics

PIPSpro QA Software can deliver cost-effective quality assurance processes in large clinics.

White papers

Scripting in RayStation

Scripting in RayStation provides automation, connectivity and flexibility. A white paper from RaySearch.

RayStation case study: l'Hôpital Riviera

A new radiation oncology centre built around VMAT and RayStation. A white paper from RaySearch.

Esteya electronic brachytherapy

A white paper by Rakesh Patel, Director of The Targeted Radiation Institutes, Silicon Valley, CA, and Ate K. Loonstra, Manager Global Medical Affairs, Elekta.


This channel includes some content supplied by vendors.

ABAS 2.0

RadCalc from LifeLine Software

RadCalc provides the fastest, easiest and most accurate QA software.

View the video

ABAS 2.0

3D-CRT in RayStation

Demonstrating the 3D CRT module found in RayStation treatment planning software.

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ABAS 2.0

Pro-Control quality assurance software

Pro-Control software offers easy and accurate quality control of all hospital imaging devices.

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