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Physics in Medicine & Biology

[Journal cover] Devoted to the application of theoretical and practical physics to medicine, physiology and biology. It covers all areas of radiotherapy physics, imaging, biomedical optics, radiobiology and nuclear medicine. Published on behalf of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM)

Latest papers

Stochastic precision analysis of 2D cardiac strain estimation in vivo Oct 21, 2014

E A Bunting et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6841

Standardized accuracy assessment of the calypso wireless transponder tracking system Oct 21, 2014

A M Franz et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6797

A methodology to develop computational phantoms with adjustable posture for WBC calibration Oct 21, 2014

T C Ferreira Fonseca et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6811

Optimisation of the imaging and dosimetric characteristics of an electronic portal imaging device employing plastic scintillating fibres using Monte Carlo simulations Oct 21, 2014

S J Blake et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6827

Effects of spot size and spot spacing on lateral penumbra reduction when using a dynamic collimation system for spot scanning proton therapy Oct 21, 2014

Daniel E Hyer et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 N187

Energy-resolved CT imaging with a photon-counting silicon-strip detector Oct 20, 2014

Mats Persson et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6709

Modulation of the interstitial fluid pressure by high intensity focused ultrasound as a way to alter local fluid and solute movement: insights from a mathematical model Oct 20, 2014

E Sassaroli and B E O’Neill 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6775

Determination of the energy dependence of the BC-408 plastic scintillation detector in medium energy x-ray beams Oct 20, 2014

H Yücel et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6749

Mechanical and dynamic characteristics of encapsulated microbubbles coupled by magnetic nanoparticles as multifunctional imaging and drug delivery agents Oct 20, 2014

Gepu Guo et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6729

A method to determine the mammographic regions that show early changes due to the development of breast cancer Oct 20, 2014

Gopal Karemore et al 2014 Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6759