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Topical Reviews

Topical reviews are in-depth studies of the existing state of knowledge in a given field or research area. Commissioned from experts they combine a thorough evaluation of the subject for established workers as well as an accessible introduction for newcomers and specialists in other disciplines.

Below are the 10 latest topical reviews from the journals Physics in Medicine & Biology, Physiological Measurement, Journal of Neural Engineering and Journal of Radiological Protection.

Low-frequency electrical dosimetry: research agenda of the IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety May 25, 2016

J Patrick Reilly and Akimasa Hirata 2016 Phys. Med. Biol. 61 R138

Biomimetic rehabilitation engineering: the importance of somatosensory feedback for brain–machine interfaces May 25, 2016

David Perruchoud et al 2016 J. Neural Eng. 13 041001

Ultrasonic neuromodulation May 6, 2016

Omer Naor et al 2016 J. Neural Eng. 13 031003

Integrating language models into classifiers for BCI communication: a review May 6, 2016

W Speier et al 2016 J. Neural Eng. 13 031002

Causality in physiological signals Apr 21, 2016

Andreas Müller et al 2016 Physiol. Meas. 37 R46

A review of preventing central sleep apnea by inspired CO 2 Apr 19, 2016

A Mulchrone et al 2016 Physiol. Meas. 37 R36

A practical guide to non-invasive foetal electrocardiogram extraction and analysis Apr 12, 2016

Joachim Behar et al 2016 Physiol. Meas. 37 R1

Powered exoskeletons for bipedal locomotion after spinal cord injury Apr 11, 2016

Jose L Contreras-Vidal et al 2016 J. Neural Eng. 13 031001

Review of ultrasound image guidance in external beam radiotherapy part II: intra-fraction motion management and novel applications Mar 22, 2016

Tuathan O’Shea et al 2016 Phys. Med. Biol. 61 R90

Revisiting photodynamic therapy dosimetry: reductionist & surrogate approaches to facilitate clinical success Mar 10, 2016

Brian W Pogue et al 2016 Phys. Med. Biol. 61 R57