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News: 16 years in the race against cancer: Next pitstops: May 20, 2015

Company details

LifeLine Software, Inc./RadCalc
2407 Pemberton Place
United States

Tel: +1 866-592-1343 ext 1

We are pleased to announce that in June 2015 LifeLine Software will celebrate its 16th year anniversary.

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During this time thanks to you our valued customers, we have become the number one utilized dosimetric verification software worldwide. More than 2,000 Radiation Oncology Centers across the globe count on RadCalc® for their dosimetric verification.

We greatly appreciate the trust our customers have put in our company and our product. We also appreciate the valuable feedback we have received over the last 16 years that has made RadCalc® the most complete dosimetric verification software on the market today.

After 16 years however, we are not resting on our past success. We have been working hard to add more tools to RadCalc®. Future releases of RadCalc® will include many new valuable features and client suggested items.

Coming Next:
RadCalc version 6.3 will be the FIRST QA software to provide 3D Dose Volume Verification for Brachytherapy Calculations
New Updated Brachytherapy Module with ROI’s and Dose Tab:
• View Imported Dose, Computed Dose, Imported DVH, Computed DVH, and Isodose lines in either 2D or 3D views
• View Structures
• Isodose level presets
• Compare calculations against DVH protocol criteria (constraints)

RadCalc 6.3 Will Provide Image Analysis Capabilities:
• Percent Difference
• Distance to Agreement (DTA)

For each point in reference map, finely resamples comparison map to find closest point with value within a user-defined percentage of the reference value
• Gamma Analysis

For each point in reference map, calculates the gamma value between the reference and comparison map
Pre-Treatment: Compare any two of the following imported files:
▫ RadCalc® fluence
▫ Imported fluence
▫ Pinnacle ODM

Post-Treatment: Compare RadCalc® or Planning Fluence with Delivered Fluence reported by linac log files

RadCalc AIR (Automated Import and Reporting):
You will now have the ability to have your exported plans calculated automatically and reports sent to a file (of your designation), or emailed directly to you.

Automated Archive:
The ability to set a time/day of the week to auto archive the patient data base in order to keep your software running efficiently.
▫ Report of Archive sent directly to your email
▫ Archive physics data automatically

Superficial Calculations:
As well as photon, electron, and diode calculations, we have added the ability to verify superficial calculations

Enhanced Plan Comparison Feature:
This feature is primarily designed to detect errors in the verify and record system due to data transfer or manual entry errors. For a particular patient, an existing calculation imported from the planning system can be chosen to compare to a file exported from the verify and record system. The differences between the two sets of data are clearly shown side by side and in red. This feature has been enhanced by providing comparison schemes for common tasks. These schemes allow for customizable tolerances applied to all parameters as well as filtering out unimportant values.

If you would like to learn more about version 6.3 and the ROI or Brachytherapy modules, please contact our sales department for more information and a quote.

Coming Soon:
Targeted for release in late 2015 / early 2016:
• 3D Dose Volume Verification External Beam: Supporting IMRT, VMAT, TomoTherapy®
• DVH analysis for external beam


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