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DeLn Optics offers precision optical components Jun 30, 2009

We specialize in the manufacture of precision optical components including spherical lenses, ball lenses, cylindrical lenses, windows, prisms, filters, mirrors, waveplates, crystals etc.

Precision Optics
1.BK7 Windows/Fused Silica Windows/CaF2 Windows/Sapphire Windows...
2.Powell Lenses/CylindricalLenses/Achromatic Lenses/Ring Mount for Lenses...
3.Penta Prism/ Beamsplitter Penta Prisms/Rigth Angle Prisms/Dove Prisms/Roof Prisms/Corner Cuber Retroreflector/ Anamorphic Prism/Dispersing prisms/Wedge Prism
4.Multi-Order Waveplates/Zero-Order Waveplate/True-Zero-Order Waveplate/Achromatic Waveplate/Fresnel Rhomb Prisms/ Polarization Rotators
5. Beamsplitter Plate/Cube
6. Birefringent Filter/Laser Line Interference Filter/ Bandpass Filter
7. KTP/ BBO/ KNbO3/ KDP & DKDP/ LiNbO3/ MgO: LiNbO3
8.Nd: YAG/ Er: YAG/ Cr4+: YAG/ Yb: YAG/ Nd: YVO4/ Nd: YLF/ Ti: Sapphire
9.LiNbO3/ LiNbO3 Wafer/ TeO2/ PbMoO4/ LiTaO3
10.YAG/ YVO4/ alfa-BBO/ Quartz/ Sapphire/MgF2/ CaF2/ LiF/ BaF2/ ZnS/ ZnSe



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