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Elliot Scientific offers UV-VIS-NIR Microspectroscopy in UK & Ireland Feb 19, 2009

The CRAIC Technologies QDI 2010 UV-VIS-NIR Microspectrometer, from Elliot Scientific, incorporates the latest technological advances in optics, spectroscopy and software.

The expanded measurement range of the QDI 2010 allows for deep UV, visible and NIR transmission, absorbance, reflectance, emission and fluorescence spectra to be captured seamlessly while still observing via eyepieces or a high-res digital imager.

Typical applications for the instrument are found in electronics production, forensic science, photonics and organic chemistry. Now, however, the QDI 2010 is being brought to bear on the study of DNA.

Spotting DNA crystals among others using normal microscopy is difficult and measuring their viability impossible, but UV microscopy can be used to identify a crystal and then qualify it by using its microspectra to measure concentration. This procedure saves valuable time by only selecting viable crystals for the next step of a growth procedure.


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