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MagicMax dose, kV, HVL, time Multimeter Apr 1, 2009

Measure dose, dose rate, dose pulse, exposure time, noninvasively practical peak voltage, total filtration and the first half value layer simultaneously and save the data directly to your PC laptop.

A USB powered device that makes data collection easy.All measurements are in real time with long term wave form recording capabilities (only limited by hard drive space on you laptop), all at extremely high temporal resolution. Pulsed radiation up to 1,000 pulses/s at a pulse width from 1.0 ms up to 300 s can be detected.
kVp 40-160 kV (R&F) 75-150 (CT)
Dose 50 nGy - 50 Gy
Dose Rate 100nGy/s - 160 mGy/s
Dose Pulse 50 nGy/pulse - 50 Gy/pulse
Time .2 ms - 300 s
HVL 2mm - 22mm
Wave Form kVp & Dose Rate


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