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Thin film thickness measurement for sub-micron samples from Elliot Scientific Apr 22, 2009

Thin film thickness measurement on flat panel displays, MEMS and other semicon devices is a common requirement, so Elliot Scientific is now offering the new QDI 2010 Film microspectrophotometer.

The QDI 2010 Film can measure the thickness of thin films covering sub-micron or larger sampling areas by either transmission or reflectance. It can also analyse the film on both transparent and opaque substrates with sophisticated software suitable for use in a wide range of applications. If your requirements differ, the routines are easily modified to suit. Single and stacked films (up to four) can be measured down to a thickness of just a few nanometres.

The ability to directly image and measure films already make this specialised instrument a powerful tool, but combine it with CRAIC Technologies contamination imaging capabilities via the optional UV microscopy upgrade and the QDI 2010 Film becomes a superbly versatile and impressive instrument that’s way ahead of the field.


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