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IMRT Calculation May 20, 2015

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LifeLine Software, Inc./RadCalc
2407 Pemberton Place
United States

Tel: +1 866-592-1343 ext 1

FDA 510(k) cleared in May of 2000, RadCalc's IMRT utility allows the user to perform an independent MU or point calculation for Step and Shoot and Sliding Window IMRT treatment plans.

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The IMRT computation is performed utilizing a modified Clarkson scatter integration along with a Head Scatter algorithm to improve accuracy. The MLC leaf sequence patterns can be imported into RadCalc through various mechanisms. The computation is then performed using this information.

The algorithm utilized by RadCalc was published in the October 2000 issue of the Medical Physics Journal. "A monitor unit verification calculation in intensity modulated radiotherapy as a dosimetry quality assurance" J. H. Kung, G. T. Y. Chen, and F. K. Kuchnir pp. 2226-2230. This article details the computation algorithm utilized by RadCalc. Since publication of this article, the algorithm utilized has been updated to further improve accuracy.

IMRT Treatment Plan Support Benefits

COMPLIMENT TO FILM AND ION CHAMBER DOSE VERIFICATION: May reduce QA time, labor, and machine downtime.

POTENTIAL TIME SAVINGS: What *commonly takes 10-60 minutes/patient to verify treatment plan MU dose is now reduced to less than one minute.

REDUCES LABOR COSTS: Potentially eliminates room setup and delivery labor that can now be utilized for more productive treatment planning duties.

MAY REDUCE MACHINE DOWNTIME: The machine time used for QA can potentially be utilized to treat more patients, thus increasing revenue.

ACCURATE DOSIMETRIC VERIFICATION: Studies have consistently shown verification dose to be within +/- 3% of treatment plan dose, with a large majority of less than 2%. RadCalc provides additional assurance of accuracy and quality for IMRT.

*Refers to film or ion chamber dose verification methods consisting of room setup, delivery, and dose confirmation.


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