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SIB232 PMT Sensor Interface Board H7260 Series Nov 9, 2009

The SIB232 PMT Sensor Interface Board provides the connectivity between a Hamamatsu H7260 series linear 32 channel photomultiplier tube and a Vertilon PhotoniQ multi-channel data acquisition system.

The H7260 mounts directly to the bottom of the SIB232 through 35 socket pins where electrical connections to the 32 PMT outputs are made to the SIB connector located on the top of the board. The SIB connector conforms to Vertilon’s standard, low-noise, multi-channel, cable interconnection system. It mates to a micro-coaxial cable assembly that connects the PMT outputs to the PhotoniQ. The negative bias to the H7260 is supplied from the high voltage output on the PhotoniQ through a high voltage cable to a dedicated connector on the SIB232. Also available on the SIB232 are two outputs that are used in conjunction with the PMT’s last dynode signal — an amplified version of the signal and a pulse discriminator trigger output.


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