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ImSimQA™ Nov 18, 2015

Company details

Oncology Systems Limited (OSL)
14 Longbow Professional Centre
Longbow Close
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1743 462694

ImSimQA™ is designed to validate advanced techniques: deformable image registration, multi-modality image fusion and registration for IGRT, SBRT, 4D, ART (as recommended in AAPM’s TG-132 report).

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ImSimQAM software is unique in its ability to use virtual phantoms to test the rigid (RIR) and deformable image registration (DIR) algorithms of 3rd party medical imaging systems. ImSimQA was developed due to the limitations of physical phantoms for testing modern radiation therapy and imaging software systems for complex radiotherapy techniques including atlas-based auto contouring, adaptive RT, multi-modality fusion, and 4D planning and gating. It allows users to implement the requirements of AAPM’s Task Group 132 on the ‘Use of Image Registration and Data Fusion Algorithms and Techniques in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning.’

Imported DICOM images from any clinical system can be extensively edited, anonymised and then deformed to replicate changes in anatomy seen between planning and IGRT imaging, adaptive or follow-up scans.

A took kit of quantifiable analyses for advanced techniqes such as deformable image registration, multi modality fusion, adaptive RT and atlas-based auto segmentation, bring new and unique tools for commissioning and ongoing validation.

Training can also be enhanced with ImSimQA, giving staff time to consider techniques such as multi modality image registration, the effects of deformation etc, where system and user performance against a gold standard can be measured.

ImSimQA is unique, and overcomes the limitations of hard phantoms. ImSimQA is made by radiation therapy experts for radiation therapy professionals.
ImSimQA modules: ImSimQA base module + ImSimQAdform + ImSimQA4d + ImSimQAcontour

  • deformable image registration QA
  • atlas based contouring QA
  • deformation of DICOM images
  • virtual phantom library
  • IGRT & 4D QA

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