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Proton Therapy QA and Dosimetry - Unique Solutions Jan 23, 2017

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IBA Dosimetry
Iba Dosimetry GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 5
DE-90592 Schwarzenbruck

Tel: +49 9128 607 816
Fax: +49 174 217 5691

Unique Solutions offering unique advantages for Proton Therapy QA. IBA Dosimetry offers the Fastest, most Accurate and most Reliable way to reach your goals in Proton Therapy QA.

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In one of the fastest growing markets of cancer treatment, IBA Dosimetry conquers its place by providing Treatment Accuracy & Safety.

Your complete Proton Therapy QA portfolio to ensure treatment safety and Fastest, Most Accurate and Most Reliable Dosimetry.

IBA Dosimetry offers you unique and dedicated solutions to address all your QA and dosimetry needs for your all treatment modalities (Scattering, Uniform Scanning and PBS). Developed with leading PT centers and IBA Proton Therapy experts, the solutions are optimized for the QA needs in PT, from commissioning to Machine QA and Patient QA.

1)Faster PT Commissioning:
Solutions encompass dedicated Stingray Large Chamber for PBS beam in the Blue Phantom², the Giraffe for Bragg Peak verification and Lynx for spot characteristics and positions.

2)Faster PT Machine QA and Moring Checks:
What if you could save up to 1:45 hours a day in PT Morning QA?
Use Giraffe for your bragg peak verification and Lynx for spot characteristics evaluations.

3)Faster Patient QA:
DigiPhant PT is your unique digital water phantom solution to maximized treatment quality and safety through advanced Patient QA.

IBA Solutions provides you quality and time saving answers to efficient commissioning & dose verification whenever needed


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