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Product details

COMPASS 2-in-1 Patient based Plan QA Mar 18, 2015

Company details

IBA Dosimetry
Iba Dosimetry GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 5
DE-90592 Schwarzenbruck

Tel: +49 9128 607 816
Fax: +49 174 217 5691

COMPASS, the first and most sophisticated solution for advanced IMRT and rotational plan verification. What if you could maximize efficiency and minimize errors?

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With COMPASS’ new QuickCheckTM you can have verification of the whole delivery chain, including your Linac!

COMPASS offers you a unique 2-in-1 Solution:

Measurement AND Calculation Based Patient Plan Verification

COMPASS offers full workflow flexibility, allowing you to choose the most efficient workflow for your needs: either Calculation based TPS check or Measurement based, using comprehensive collapsed cone independent calculations.

  • Calculation based TPS Check: verification for standard cases
  • Measurement based: for complex cases including your linac delivery in the verification chain

Accuracy counts! Modern treatment planning systems use advanced dose algorithms. Why would a clinician rely on a rudimentary dose algorithm for plan verification? COMPASS provides the highest RTPS class accuracy dose calculation on CT and DVH that allows you to make safety-critical decisions. With QuickCheckTM, you receive a visual “Pass” or an alert for missed prescriptions and tolerances.

Overcome phantom uncertainties with independent secondary TPS calculation in 3D and 4D measurement based verification. COMPASS’ CT-based calculation provides the accurate dose and DVH for clinically relevant verification.

Verify the patient plan based on a complete understanding of the clinical relevance of dose discrepancies and necessary corrective action via an independent dose engine.


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