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Product details

AdaptivoTM - Adaptive DosimetryTM Software Feb 1, 2017

Company details

Standard Imaging, Inc.
3120 Deming Way
United States

Tel: 1-608-831-0025
Fax: 1-608-831-2202

Adaptivo is a new kind of patient dosimetry software for every patient, and every fraction, tracking daily and cumulative 3D dose distributions from today's dose on the daily CT.

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Weekly chart checks become evidence based and patient safety is improved.

Quantify What Other Software Can't See

Adaptivo™ patient dosimetry software does something no other patient dosimetry solution can — track the dosimetric effect of changes in patient anatomy and position on your treatment plan. Using Adaptive Dosimetry™, Adaptivo™ provides a complete view and improves quality of patient treatment, potentially increases reimbursement rate and antiquates all other patient dosimetry solutions.

See Change. Track Change.

Adaptivo™’s use of daily CBCT images and deformable registration means you will finally be able to see how changes in patient setup and anatomy throughout treatment affect each patient individually at any point during the course of their treatments. With dose guided Adaptive Dosimetry™ technology, Adaptivo™ is the only product that gives you advanced warning if trends in the accumulated dose indicate that either a target or an organ at risk is on track to be out of tolerance before the end of treatment.

Automatic, Phantom-Free Pre-Treatment Verification

Adaptivo™ verifies IMRT, VMAT and stereotactic plan transfer and delivery using collected EPID images for quick and easy pre-treatment QA without the use of phantoms or additional detectors. The software communicates directly with the R&V system, and will automatically compare measured results to the predicted image. Adaptivo™ emails notification of either each pre-treatment delivery or only those that fail the acceptance criteria.

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