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Welcome to our new biomedical optics community page. Your one-stop source
of news, analysis and commentary from the biophotonics community.

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Biomedical optics

Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of optical technologies

Research & Innovation News

Optimizing brain stimulation therapy

How do uncertainties in brain tissue conductivity affect transcranial direct current stimulation?

OCT helps identify cancerous brain tissue

Optical coherence tomography offers the potential to make brain tumour removal safer and more effective.

Two lasers boost photoacoustic sensitivity

A dual-laser approach boosts the sensitivity of photoacoustic monitoring of hypoxia.

Crystal phase-transitions keep babies warm

Researchers develop non-electric incubating blankets for use in developing countries.


BPEX: bridging the gaps between disciplines

The new multidisciplinary journal Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express aims to bridge the gaps between medical physics, biophysics and biomedical engineering.

Novel journal unites physical oncology researchers

The journal Convergent Science Physical Oncology aims to create a new forum for researchers working on the physics of cancer.

Molecular imaging: making moves into the clinic

Transitioning molecular imaging from a preclinical technique to a standard clinical tool could help detect the very earliest stages of disease.

We should strive to apply physics to the biology itself

The field of medical physics should incorporate biophysics into radiotherapy research, says University of Wisconsin-Madison's Michael Kissick.

Physics in Medicine & Biology

Polarization influence on reflectance measurements in the spatial frequency domain

J Wiest, N Bodenschatz, A Brandes, A Liemert and A Kienle Phys. Med. Biol. 60 5717

Quantitative in vivo cell-surface receptor imaging in oncology: kinetic modeling and paired-agent principles from nuclear medicine and optical imaging

Kenneth M Tichauer, Yu Wang, Brian W Pogue and Jonathan T C Liu Phys. Med. Biol. 60 R239

A radiomics model from joint FDG-PET and MRI texture features for the prediction of lung metastases in soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities

M Vallières, C R Freeman, S R Skamene and I El Naqa Phys. Med. Biol. 60 5471

Fetal magnetocardiography measurements with an array of microfabricated optically pumped magnetometers

Orang Alem, Tilmann H Sander, Rahul Mhaskar, John LeBlanc, Hari Eswaran, Uwe Steinhoff, Yoshio Okada, John Kitching, Lutz Trahms and Svenja Knappe Phys. Med. Biol. 60 4797