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Biomedical optics

Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of optical technologies

Research & Innovation News

Sorting T-cells using biomolecular tension

A microfluidic device sorts T-cells based on the mechanical strength of their bonds with pathogens.

Rectal muscle recordings could treat overactive bladders

A probe that detects surface muscle signals within the rectum could help treat urinary incontinence.

Liquid biopsies can advance cancer treatment

Analysis of circulating tumour DNA enables precision medicine.

Networked microwells grow healthier cell spheroids

A networked microwell array enables effective construction of 3D multicellular spheroids.


Driving creativity in cancer research

Cancer Research UK has introduced new opportunities for researchers to work across disciplines to understand, treat and diagnose cancer.

Probing cellular shape change may reveal clues to limit cancer growth

A joint theoretical and experimental study examines cellular shape changes during cell division and migration.

Mechano-biology of bone in breast cancer under the microscope

Biologists, pathologists, physicists and mathematicians at the University of Sheffield have teamed up to address the puzzle of why secondary cancers attack bone.

Alzheimer's disease: addressing a 21st-century plague

Christopher Dobson examines how emerging knowledge regarding the underlying molecular nature of Alzheimer's disease may help develop new therapies.

Physics in Medicine & Biology

Multiline 3D beamforming using micro-beamformed datasets for pediatric transesophageal echocardiography

D Bera, S B Raghunathan, C Chen, Z Chen, M A P Pertijs, M D Verweij, V Daeichin, H J Vos, A F W van der Steen, N de Jong & J G Bosch Phys. Med. Biol. 63 075015

Challenges associated with nerve conduction block using kilohertz electrical stimulation

Yogi A Patel & Robert J Butera J. Neural Eng. 15 031002

Mid-infrared imaging in breast cancer tissue: an objective measure of grading breast cancer biopsies

H Amrania, L Woodley-Barker, K Goddard, B Rosales, S Shousha, G Thomas, T McFarlane, M Sroya, C Wilhelm-Benartzi, K Cocks, R C Coombes & C C Phillips Converg. Sci. Phys. Oncol. 4 (2018) 025001

Non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation via focused ultrasound in vivo

Matthew E Downs, Stephen A Lee, Georgiana Yang, Seaok Kim, Qi Wang & Elisa E Konofagou Phys. Med. Biol. 63 (2018) 035011