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Welcome to our new biomedical optics community page. Your one-stop source
of news, analysis and commentary from the biophotonics community.

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Biomedical optics

Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of optical technologies

Research & Innovation News

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in radiotherapy planning, mobile health monitoring, PET and more.

Tracking nanoparticle temperature

A new method for measuring the temperature of magnetic nanoparticles could improve the accuracy of nanoparticle-based thermal therapies.

Biological data personalize radiotherapy

Biology-driven approaches offer significant potential for increased individualization of radiation therapy.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of the latest international patent applications in medical imaging reviews filings from ICR, Hitachi Medical, AdOM and more.


Horizons 2013: connecting physicists in medicine

What happened when two groups of physicists working in medicine came together for the first time?

Physicists in Brazil tackle the living world

Scientists in Brazil are exploiting interdisciplinary collaborations to advance research in areas such as medical imaging, biological physics and biophotonics.

Radio-immunotherapy: attacking cancer from within

Is alpha-immunotherapy research under-resourced relative to its potential importance in cancer management? Barry Allen discusses.

Imaging advances therapy assessment

AAPM symposium focuses on the development and verification of imaging techniques for therapy assessment.

Physics in Medicine & Biology

Topical review: Advances in kilovoltage x-ray beam dosimetry

Robin Hill, Brendan Healy, Lois Holloway, Zdenka Kuncic, David Thwaites and Clive Baldock Phys. Med. Biol. 59 R183

Small animal fluorescence and bioluminescence tomography: a review of approaches, algorithms, and technology update

Chinmay Darne, Yujie Lu and Eva M Sevick-Muraca Phys. Med. Biol. 59 R1

Monitoring oxygen concentration during photodynamic therapy using prompt photosensitizer fluorescence

Mark A Weston and Michael S Patterson Phys. Med. Biol. 58 7039

Optical properties of biological tissues: a review

Steven L Jacques 2013 Phys. Med. Biol. 58 R37