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Welcome to our new biomedical optics community page. Your one-stop source
of news, analysis and commentary from the biophotonics community.

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Biomedical optics

Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of optical technologies

Talking point

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Driving creativity in cancer research

Cancer Research UK has introduced new opportunities for researchers to work across disciplines to understand, treat and diagnose cancer.

Probing cellular shape change may reveal clues to limit cancer growth

A joint theoretical and experimental study examines cellular shape changes during cell division and migration.

Mechano-biology of bone in breast cancer under the microscope

Biologists, pathologists, physicists and mathematicians at the University of Sheffield have teamed up to address the puzzle of why secondary cancers attack bone.

Alzheimer's disease: addressing a 21st-century plague

Christopher Dobson examines how emerging knowledge regarding the underlying molecular nature of Alzheimer's disease may help develop new therapies.

A gateway to the biological world

Gail McConnell, an optical physicist who develops novel optical systems for biomedical imaging, describes her latest research.

Rethinking gold nanoparticle radiosensitization

Investigating the mechanisms underlying gold nanoparticle radiosensitization sheds light on the process of radiation-induced cell death.

4D bioprinting: adding dynamic actuation

A topical review in Biofabrication examines the potential of 4D bioprinting for creating biostructures with controllable motion.

Video: The PMB 60th Anniversary Symposium

If you didn't make it along on the day, check out our video showing the highlights from the PMB 60th Anniversary Symposium.

Biophysics: opening up new areas of biological science

Anthony Watts, chair of the British Biophysical Society, explains how biophysics exploits physical tools to answer biological questions.

Neuromorphic computing: taking inspiration from the brain

A topical review in the Journal of Neural Engineering examines the rapidly advancing field of neuromorphic computing.

Editorial articles

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Medical physicists: preparing for change

As the boundaries between medical disciplines become increasingly blurred and those between diagnosis, therapy and management follow suit, how can medical physicists adapt to these changing needs?

High-performance computing: shaping medicine's future

Tools such as grid networks and supercomputers will play a vital supporting role in biomedical research and clinical development.

Cellular imaging draws disciplines together

The traditionally diverse disciplines of biology and physics are finding common ground in the effort to image cellular functions.

Optical imaging comes to the fore

Optics-based techniques such as fluorescence and Raman imaging are poised to play a bigger role in cancer diagnostics.

Multimodal themes shape the BiOS agenda

A multimodality approach to diagnostics and therapeutics was one of the defining themes at the recent Biomedical Optics Symposium in San Jose, California.

In biomedical optics, all roads lead to San Jose

If biomedical optics is your thing, then the BiOS meeting in Silicon Valley looks like the place to be.

Magnetic nanoparticles: the attraction is clear

Early-stage experimental studies confirm the potential of magnetic nanoparticles in a range of clinical applications.

Biomedical optics: getting ready to shine

The future of diagnostic imaging will be all about the fusion of once discrete modalities and the rise of biomedical optics.

Biomedical optics: hot topics suggest a robust outlook

Whether it's cancer screening or drug discovery, molecular imaging or tissue engineering, the future's looking bright for biomedical optics.

Nanoparticles in the frame

A rigorous evaluation of toxicity and biocompatibility issues is essential if nanoparticles are to see wide-scale adoption in clinical imaging and drug-delivery applications.