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Welcome to our new diagnostic imaging community page. Your one-stop source of news, analysis and commentary from the medical imaging community.

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Diagnostic imaging

X-ray imaging, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and more

Talking point

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Extending ultrasound to combat cancer

Imperial College team focuses on boosting the performance of point-of-care ultrasound systems.

Multidimensional imaging improves early cancer diagnosis

A Cancer Research UK funded collaboration is working across the disciplines to advance endoscopic imaging.

Spin-out success

David Taylor, founder and CEO of MR Solutions, reflects on the lessons learned in founding spin-out firms based on MRI technology.

Molecular radiotherapy: a personalized approach

Molecular radiotherapy is widely employed to treat a variety of cancers, but accurate dosimetry is required to enable personalized treatment.

Cryogen-free sensors enable MEG in motion

The development of miniaturized, cryogen-free magnetometers could enable high-sensitivity, low-cost MEG in moving subjects.

Video: The PMB 60th Anniversary Symposium

If you didn't make it along on the day, check out our video showing the highlights from the PMB 60th Anniversary Symposium.

Medical physics: past, present and future

The PMB 60th Anniversary Symposium examined the evolution of medical physics since 1956, where the field is now, and where it may be in 60 years' time.

MR-guided radiotherapy: how great is the need?

With existing image-guided radiotherapy approaches providing highly accurate dose delivery, how great is the need for large-scale in-room MR guidance?

Introducing gating to small-animal irradiation

Adding respiratory gating to precision small-animal radiotherapy systems enables preclinical irradiation of mobile tumours.

MRI-guided radiotherapy: two years on

Two years on from the first MRI-guided radiation treatment, we take a look at how this guidance capability has impacted clinical practice.

Editorial articles

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Medical isotope supplies: a game plan for the future

A Canadian task force has identified a promising alternative method for making large quantities of Mo-99, using natural uranium and photons from a high-power accelerator.

Medical physicists: preparing for change

As the boundaries between medical disciplines become increasingly blurred and those between diagnosis, therapy and management follow suit, how can medical physicists adapt to these changing needs?

High-performance computing: shaping medicine's future

Tools such as grid networks and supercomputers will play a vital supporting role in biomedical research and clinical development.

Cellular imaging draws disciplines together

The traditionally diverse disciplines of biology and physics are finding common ground in the effort to image cellular functions.

New year, new plans

It's our job to make your job easier. Take it as read, we'll be redoubling our efforts to do just that throughout 2008.

Season's greetings

It's time for some festive giveaways from medicalphysicsweb, plus a preview of our editorial plans for 2008.

Molecular imaging assumes priority status

Germany's leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies opt for collaboration to capitalize on the country's strengths in molecular imaging R&D.

MRI in Europe: it's time to end the uncertainty

The legal questions over the future of MRI in Europe do no-one any favours. Fortunately, the politicians seem to be getting the message.

Joined-up thinking on ultrahigh-field MRI

A 'virtual' institute for ultrahigh-field MRI takes shape in the Netherlands. It's a collaborative model that others would do well to follow.

The collective conversation: work in progress

It's been a year since we went live, but medicalphysicsweb remains a work in progress. Watch this space for our new print supplement, more blogging and the rest.