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Welcome to our new diagnostic imaging community page. Your one-stop source of news, analysis and commentary from the medical imaging community.

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Diagnostic imaging

X-ray imaging, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and more

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Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from the University of California, Siemens, MIT and more.

Machine learning predicts breast cancer risk

Flash physics: a machine learning model can identify which breast lesions are likely to become cancerous with 97% accuracy.

CT radiation dose tracking reveals global disparities

Swiss study reveals substantial differences around the world in the radiation dose being used for CT scans.

Computer algorithm estimates CT foetal dose

Swiss researchers develop computer models to estimate the radiation dose to foetuses of pregnant women undergoing CT.

X-ray fluorescence painlessly measures Gd in bone

Canadian researchers are developing a non-invasive X-ray fluorescence system to detect gadolinium in bone.

Photon-counting CT delivers high quantitative accuracy

A photon-counting CT scanner offers high-accuracy iodine quantification and CT number measurement.

AI algorithm speeds up bone age assessment

Artificial intelligence algorithm can analyse data from skeletal radiographs to estimate bone age.

Researchers visualize cardiac conduction system in 3D

Researchers use 3D reconstruction of micro-CT images to visualize, for the first time in 3D, the group of cells that cause the heart to beat.

Shorter PET/MRI scans feasible for paediatric cancer patients

A single-session PET/MR imaging protocol reduces scan times and increases accuracy for evaluating chemotherapy-induced abnormalities.

Handheld probe identifies cancer in seconds

Flash Physics: a handheld probe can distinguish between tumours and healthy tissue in just 10 s.

The search for a dedicated cardiac CT scanner

The search for an optimal, dedicated cardiac CT scanner leads to a new framework for evaluating hypothetical CT scanner architectures.

Single imaging score correlates brain changes to cognitive decline

Non-invasive imaging technique correlates small vessel disease progression to cognitive decline

NIR agent could benefit lung nodule surgery

A novel near-infrared agent could help guide surgeons during lung nodule surgery.

Engineered needles promise direct diagnosis of muscle conditions

A minimally invasive needle can record the electrical impedance of diseased muscles much more accurately than conventional surface-based measurement techniques.

Tunable lens brings adjustable focus to fluorescence-guided surgeries

A novel lens system could allow surgeons performing minimally invasive procedures to zoom in and out of fluoresced tissue without reducing the image quality.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from Modus Medical Devices, Agfa HealthCare and more.

SPECT detects coronary microvascular disease

SPECT/CT of 99mTc-labelled red blood cells helps diagnose coronary microvascular disease.

Total body PET scanner targets paediatric patients

A European collaboration is developing a high-resolution total-body PET scanner for paediatric patients.

Clinical success of 7T MRI only requires 'imagination'

7T MRI scans could find a role in cardiac and cardiovascular applications.

Ultrafast ultrasound tackles cardiac imaging

Ultrafast acoustoelectric imaging could provide non-invasive imaging of cardiac electrical activation.