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Welcome to our new nanomedicine community page. Your one-stop source of news, analysis and commentary from the nanotechnology community.

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Biomedical applications of nanotechnology

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Nanoparticle 'depot' promises improved cancer treatment

Implantable depots of radioisotope-tagged nanoparticles could reduce undesirable dose hotspots in radiotherapy patients.

Plasma-treated molecules make effective antibiotics

New approach offers a simple and scalable way to derive novel antibiotics from substances produced naturally by plants.

Wearable device displays ECG signals in real time

Wearable device monitors and displays electrocardiogram signals in real time, and can be applied directly to skin.

Nanoporous thin-film device targets diabetes

Stem-cell-derived replacement therapy could help treat diabetes.

Engineered nanocages boost drug delivery

Nanocages treated with a unique polymer coating can penetrate lung tumours and airway mucus layers to deliver drugs for targeted treatment.

Protein-capturing nanoparticles boost immune response to cancer

(with video) Coupled with radiotherapy, the new approach helps fight secondary tumours outside of the irradiated area.

'Nanolock–nanopore' detects cancer mutations

Novel device could be used to diagnose cancer in its early stages, as well as monitor how a patient responds to a given treatment.

Human protein-based nanoprobes for MRI

The first human protein-based tumour-targeting MRI contrast agent could help detect tumours in their early stages.

Brain-penetrating nanoparticles restore neuron function

Focused ultrasound-based gene therapy helps rats suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Nanoparticles offer radiosensitization options

Gold nanoparticles can be employed in a range of ways to enhance radiation treatment of radioresistant tumours.

Nanoparticles resurrect antibacterial drugs

Nanoparticles combined with antibacterial drugs can overcome bacterial defence mechanisms and improve drug efficacy by a factor of 16.

Nanomedicine enables all-in-one cancer treatment

Experimental nanoparticles combine signal-jamming genetic material with selective drug release and other complementary tricks to aid cancer therapy.

Quantum dots image arteries and veins

Quantum dots that emit short-wave infrared light could be used to obtain detailed images of internal body structures.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent medical imaging patent applications includes filings from Philips, ETH Zurich, Carl Zeiss Meditec and more.

Bioelectronics stimulates new therapeutic approaches

Speakers at innoLAE 2017 discussed approaches for direct neural stimulation to treat a range of diseases.

Nanotube array images neurotransmitter signals

MIT researchers image dopamine release from a single cell using 20,000 individually addressable sensors.

MPI lines up for early cancer detection

Magnetic particle imaging platform detects cancers by exploiting the abnormal leakiness of tumour blood vessels.

Ultrasound pulses release neuromodulating drugs

Focused ultrasound can uncage neuromodulating drugs from nanoparticles to alter brain activity.

Designer vaccine nanodiscs treat tumours

Designer vaccine nanodiscs could help usher in a new era of personalized cancer immunotherapy.

Carbon nanotubes image brain extracellular space

A super-resolution microscopy technique could help improve our understanding of brain development.