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Radiation therapy

X-ray imaging, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and more

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PMB: the top ten of 2017

Take another look at PMB's top 10 downloaded papers of 2017.

3D dosimetry protocol is compatible with MR-guided radiotherapy

A protocol for high-resolution 3D remote dosimetry: application to MR-guided radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy halts deadly heart rhythm

Flash physics: radiation therapy aimed directly at the heart can treat patients with ventricular tachycardia.

Closed-loop controller regulates BBB opening

Use of a closed-loop controller during focused ultrasound-based disruption of the blood-brain barrier enables controlled drug delivery.

MRI-guidance may transform prostate radiotherapy

An international collaboration reviews the opportunities, benefits and challenges of MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent radiation therapy patent applications includes filings from Varian, Seoul National University Hospital, Philips and more.

First-in-human data validate MRI-linac

Flash physics: first-in-human data validate the potential of Elekta's MRI-guided radiotherapy system.

Radiotherapy scheme spares hippocampus in rats

A precision 3D conformal treatment technique enables hippocampal avoidance in whole-brain radiotherapy of laboratory rats.

Celebrating the International Day of Medical Physics

Today marks the International Day of Medical Physics, which this year is dedicated to women patients and staff in radiation medicine.

MRI reveals brain changes during space missions

Flash physics: MRI uncovers changes in the anatomy of astronauts' brains following long-duration space flight.

FUS shows promise for treating Parkinson's tremor

Flash physics: focused ultrasound shows potential as a treatment for Parkinson's tremor.

3D dosimeters suitable for MRI-guided radiotherapy

Chemical dosimeters do not need corrections for use in strong magnetic fields.

Evaluating skin dose from the MRI-Linac

The MRI-Linac's magnetic field increases skin dose, but this can be mitigated by using a larger number of beam angles.

Where will oxygen ion therapy help the most?

Researchers determine the conditions under which tumours could benefit most from oxygen ion therapy.

Radiosensitivity model addresses personalized therapy

A model that predicts cellular radiosensitivity could support the development of biologically personalized radiotherapy.

Can breath-hold minimize motion during IMPT?

Researchers evaluate whether the breath-hold technique can minimize motion during intensity-modulated proton therapy of lung cancer.

In brief: ASTRO research round-up

This week's ASTRO annual meeting saw researchers present their latest radiotherapy research breakthroughs.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of recent radiation therapy patent applications includes filings from ViewRay, Elekta, MIT and more.

Proton range measured with submillimetre accuracy

Ionoacoustic range determination at a clinical proton therapy facility demonstrates submillimetre accuracy.

Pixelated silicon detector measures proton dose

A prototype pixelated silicon detector measures small-field depth dose profiles in proton therapy.