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Talking Point

Novel journal unites physical oncology researchers Feb 24, 2015

The journal Convergent Science Physical Oncology aims to create a new forum for researchers working on the physics of cancer.

Research & Innovation news

FlexyDos3D: a deformable 3D dosimeter

FlexyDos3D is a 3D dose-integrating dosimeter that's easy to fabricate and can be deformed during treatment.

Innovation: patent applications review

Our survey of the latest patent applications in radiation therapy includes filings from Elekta, Bracco Suisse, Philips and more.

Nuclear medicine: change to survive

Nuclear medicine physicians need to shift from being purely imaging-based to become more involved in clinical areas.

CBCT made for point-of-care brain imaging

Artefact correction scheme could enable point-of-care brain imaging using flat-panel-based cone-beam CT.

RSI-MRI improves prostate cancer imaging

Restriction spectrum imaging MRI can improve the detection of prostate cancer spread.

MR images improve PET quantification

MRI-guided filtering and partial volume correction of brain PET scans enhance image quality and structure delineation.

ECR 2015: what to expect

ECR 2015 president Bernd Hamm looks ahead to this year's European Congress of Radiology, and speaks about his own department and clinical interests.

In brief: research round-up

Recent developments in brain imaging, radiotherapy, biomaterials and more.

Medical isotopes from irradiated thorium

Irradiating a thorium target with light charged particles can produce a variety of medical isotopes.

One nanoparticle: six imaging modalities

Researchers design a nanoparticle that can be detected by six different medical imaging techniques.

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Physics in Medicine & Biology


Our pick of the best articles recently published in the journal Physics in Medicine & Biology.

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Evolution of the CaF2:Tm (TLD-300) glow curve as an indicator of beam quality for low-energy photon beams March 2, 2015

I D Muñoz, O Avila, I Gamboa-deBuen and M E Brandan 2015 Phys. Med. Biol. 60 2135

PET-MRI: a review of challenges and solutions in the development of integrated multimodality imaging February 13, 2015

Stefaan Vandenberghe and Paul K Marsden 2015 Phys. Med. Biol. 60 R115

The effects of extending the spectral information acquired by a photon-counting detector for spectral CT February 2, 2015

Taly Gilat Schmidt, Kevin C Zimmerman and Emil Y Sidky 2015 Phys. Med. Biol. 60 1583


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CARINAnav Smart Laser Control System

The CARINAnav Smart Laser Control System is the latest development in the CARINA line of LAP laser marking software.

Simplify TG-142 digital imager and machine QA in large clinics

PIPSpro QA Software can deliver cost-effective quality assurance processes in large clinics.

White papers

Atlas-based auto-contouring - balancing accuracy with efficiency in OnQ rts

Atlas-based auto segmentation with OnQ rts® from Oncology Systems Limited.

Stereotactic beam scanning using the IBA Stealth Reference Detector

New small field dosimetry using the "beam-invisible" Stealth Reference Detector from IBA Dosimetry.

High Dose Rate mode (flattening filter free) radiotherapy

Clinical advantages of High Dose Rate mode, available with Agility on Elekta's Versa HD linear accelerator. A white paper by John Allen, director of accelerator technology, Elekta.


This channel includes some content supplied by vendors.

ABAS 2.0

How does proton therapy work?

The basic principles of proton therapy: how does it work?

View the video

ABAS 2.0

ProteusONE proton therapy made easy

An introduction to IBA's compact ProteusONE proton therapy system.

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ABAS 2.0

ProteusONE with Ambient Experience by Philips

IBA's ProteusONE system combined with Philips Ambient Experience.

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ABAS 2.0

Expert opinion: how is proton therapy integrated into cancer care?

James Metz from the University of Pennsylvania Health System explains.

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ABAS 2.0

Expert opinion: the clinical advantages of pencil beam scanning

Stephen Hahn from the University of Pennsylvania disusses clinical advantages of pencil beam scanning.

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