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Molecular radiotherapy: a personalized approach Feb 7, 2017 (1 comment)

Molecular radiotherapy is widely employed to treat a variety of cancers, but accurate dosimetry is required to enable personalized treatment.

Research & Innovation news

MRI start-up Alzeca takes aim at Alzheimer's disease

Alzeca Biosciences is developing an MRI contrast agent for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

Improved accuracy for carbon-ion dosimetry

Direct determination of the kQ factor for ionization chambers improves the accuracy of carbon-ion beam dosimetry.

Neural networks reduce noise in low-dose CT

Convolutional neural networks offer a promising way to reduce noise in low-dose CT images.

Tailoring transducers for clinical histotripsy

Insight into the impact of f-number on intrinsic threshold histotripsy will help guide the design of transducers for specific clinical applications.

Optical tool monitors chemotherapy response

Dynamic optical breast imaging could provide a non-invasive and portable tool for chemotherapy monitoring.

Mechanical imaging can cut screening recalls

Adding mechanical imaging to mammography breast cancer screening could lower the number of false positives.

Research briefs: diagnostic imaging

A round-up of recent research developments in diagnostic imaging.

Shrinkage predictions boost lung tumour dose

An atlas that predicts lung tumour shrinkage during radiotherapy enables target dose escalation while limiting dose to organs-at-risk.

Adaptation is mandatory for lung IMPT

Intensity-modulated proton therapy is beneficial for lung cancer patients, but treatment adaptation is mandatory.

CRUK announces Grand Challenge winners

Cancer Research UK has announced the first winners of its £100m Grand Challenge to answer the biggest questions in cancer.

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On the in vivo photochemical rate parameters for PDT reactive oxygen species modeling February 13, 2017

M M Kim, A A Ghogare, A A Greer and T C Zhu 2017 Phys. Med. Biol. 62 R1

Combination of principal component analysis and optical-flow motion compensation for improved cardiac MR thermometry January 30, 2017

S Toupin, B Denis de Senneville, V Ozenne, P Bour, M Lepetit-Coiffe, M Boissenin, P Jais and B Quesson 2017 Phys. Med. Biol. 62 1208

A geometric atlas to predict lung tumor shrinkage for radiotherapy treatment planning January 23, 2017

P Zhang, A Rimner, E Yorke Y-C Hu, L Kuo, A Apte, N Lockney, A Jackson, G Mageras and J O Deasy 2017 Phys. Med. Biol. 62 702


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PerkinElmer: making preclinical PET/CT more accessible

The G8 PET/CT system is the world's first lightweight benchtop scanner that delivers high-impact results in a lab-friendly footprint.

How is proton therapy research benefiting pediatric cancer and multimodal treatments?

In this Q&A, Dr. John Perentesis shares his thoughts on some of the benefits of proton therapy research.

Explore more of the solution space with RayStation 5

RayStation® 5, the latest version of RaySearch's treatment planning system (TPS), introduces carbon ion treatment planning, and the Plan Explorer treatment planning tool.

White papers

In-Vivo Treatment Verification (IVV): A "Big Data" Multi-center Analysis of More Than 6 Million Fractions Delivered

Innovative patient QA – helps lead to better patient outcomes.

Automatic gating in respiratory motion management

How Response™ controls gated treatment deliveries in the Elekta digital linear accelerator.

Adaptive radiation therapy in RayStation

A white paper from RaySearch Laboratories.


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ABAS 2.0

myQA Patients software demonstration

A webinar demonstrating IBA Dosimetry's myQA Patients software.

View the video

ABAS 2.0

Efficient and accurate patient QA with Dolphin

Ramesh Boggula, Senior Physicist at IBA Dosimetry, discusses Dolphin patient QA.

View the video

ABAS 2.0

ImSimQA – Tools to commission and QA deformable image registration

ImSimQA provides extensive tools for generating infinite test image data.

View the video