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Corporate partners

LAP of America Laser Applications L.L.C. 28-Jun-2011

LAP of America Laser Applications, L.L.C has been delivering state of the art patient alignment laser systems for radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic radiology since 1997.

LifeLine Software, Inc./RadCalc 14-May-2009

LifeLine Software, Inc. offers RadCalc® software that provides fully automated independent dosimetric validation calculations for Conventional, IMRT, VMAT, CyberKnife, Superficial, and Brachytherapy treatments.

Laboratory Technologies,Inc. 23-May-2013

Since 1983, LTI has been designing nuclear counting instrumentation and decontamination products. Our Bind-It decontamination products include decontamination spray (guaranteed safe for lead glass). Bind-It Hand Soap makes skin decontamination easy

Lambda Photometrics Ltd 04-Aug-2006

Lambda Photometrics is one of the UK's largest and longest-established providers of technology-based solutions for medical, scientific, industrial and medical applications.

Lambda Research Corporation 06-Sep-2006

Lambda Research develops optical design software TracePro for modeling and analyzing the propagation and scattering of light in biological systems, TracePro Bridge™ for SolidWorks and OSLO for optical design and analysis of imaging systems.

Lancaster University Quantum Technology Centre 19-May-2014

Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre (QTC) provides a UK focus for future quantum technologies and is based in Lancaster University's Physics Department, a working community of 145 researchers and 80 students.

Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH, Berlin (LMTB) 24-Oct-2006

Research institute (Berlin, Germany) doing R&D in optics of scattering media (e.g. tissue)

Lasermet Ltd 23-Jul-2009

Laser safety equipment and services including training; laser safety consultancy; protective eyewear; laser blocking screens and interlock systems; laser power meters

Lasers4Dentistry 30-Jan-2014

Technology4Medicine continues to advance dentistry with the ever progressing capabilities of lasers and new photon technologies. Our LightWalker Dental Laser is dual wavelength, which means that it is both a Er:YAG Laser and an Nd:YAG Laser.

Lasertec Inc 23-Mar-2009

Lasertc designs, grows, manufactures, and supplies the highest quality crystal and precision optics products, lenses, coatings, and precision glass solutions for the communications, medical,imaging markets worldwide at extremely competitive prices

LEB Technologies 05-Aug-2011

LEB Technologies provide lens, optical components and coating. Our experience enable us to provide the professional support for the commercial and marketplace refer to laser, medicine, semiconductor and telecommunication application areas.

Leidel & Kracht Schaumstoff-Technik GmbH 21-Jul-2006

CT; Magnetic Resonance; Nuclear Medicine; Radiography; Therapeutic Radiology.

Lifome Technologies LLC 16-Jan-2015

Lifome Technologies LLC is a global supplier of quality biochemical products and services for life science. Lifome provides RNAs, natural products, peptides, and antibodies for R&D and industrial uses. Welcome to check out at

Linde AG, Linde Gas Division 21-Jul-2006

Magnetic Resonance.

LIONESS Light Ions 24-Jun-2015

Proton and Particle Therapy with Light Ions such as Carbon Ion Therapy

LMT Lammers Medical Technology GmbH 20-Jul-2006

Magnetic Resonance

LOT Oriel Ltd 26-Feb-2009

LOT-Oriel – your one stop shop for biotechnology, imaging, materials analysis, nanotechnology and spectroscopy instrumentation. We supply leading edge scientific instruments to industry and academia in the UK and Ireland.

LumaSense Technologies 17-Jan-2008

Manufacturer of quality fiber optic temperature sensors and optical thermometry. Provides quality sensor instrumentation for temperature measurement for the clean technology, medical and energy sectors.

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